October Program

A Future Role for Genealogy Societies in Attracting Ancestral Tourists to their Communities
  Save the Date:  October 8, 2015  7pm - 9pm
Ancestral Tourism refers to travel to a particular place motivated by the need to reconnect with one’s ancestors or roots. It can take people on a truly personal journey, which is memorable, emotional and creates lasting, bonding relationships. As a result of our rich and diverse cultural heritage, Ancestral Tourism has the potential to play a significant role in the Nova Scotia economy, especially in rural areas.
Please join us on October 8th as Charlie Guy, founder of the Foreign Protestants Study Centre, will   be our guest  speaker  discussing "A Future Role for Genealogy Societies in Attracting Ancestral  Tourists to their Communities."
Charlie has been instrumental in the development of a Foreign Protestants Study Centre to assist in promoting additional  International Ancestral, Cultural, and Heritage Tourism to Lunenburg and all of   Nova Scotia’s South Shore as part of  Canada’s upcoming 150 Anniversary of Confederation in 2017. This digital project will assemble rich and historically  accurate digital content highlighting the importance of the Foreign Protestants to the development not only of the South  Shore, but also to Nova Scotia, Canada, and all of North America.

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