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Camp Hill Cemetery
1600 Summer Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
(902) 490-4883
Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Update (2013.08.01): The headstone photos to accompany the names records have now been incorporated in the database; there are nearly 5,900 images in the collection.
Update: The name records from all sections of the cemetery are now included in the database, for a total 16,702 records. Images for many of the stones will be added later.
Located on Robie Street in the City of Halifax, Camp Hill Cemetery replaced The Old Burying Ground on Barrington Street as the site of Protestant burials in Halifax beginning in 1844. During the ensuing 150 or so years approximately 20,000 residents are known to have been buried in Camp Hill according to inscriptions carved on gravestones. As with most cemeteries in Nova Scotia, there were also a large number of residents buried in Camp Hill whose names do not appear on gravestones. In order to determine information on Halifax residents with unmarked graves in Camp Hill one can consult the several Protestant Church registers held at the Nova Scotia Archives. 
Two members of the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Alfreda Withrow and Eleanor Odegard, photographed and copied the inscriptions from all of the gravestones in Camp Hill Cemetery during the period 2007 to 2013. Needless to say, several of the inscriptions were found to be illegible due to the effects of weather and vandalism. Alfreda and Eleanor have generously donated this valuable collection of inscriptions and photographs to the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia and the Association’s Executive has decided to make the collection available on its Members Only Area.  As with any listing of inscriptions from gravestones, the reader is advised to visit Camp Hill Cemetery and view each inscription of interest in order to check the validity of the information in the listing.
A sketch map is provided (see column on right - click map to enlarge) to indicate the method used to locate each headstone for which a record is included in the database. The location is specified by Section Number, Row Number, and finally Headstone Number within the row. Note that this system differs from the lettering system used on the map found at the cemetery itself, although the four "circular" sections WA, CA, TA and KA do coincide with the similarly labelled sections on the original map.
Camp Hill Cemetery - Location Map
(click image to enlarge)