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Grafton Street Methodist Church
1544 Grafton Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2J1 Canada
(902) 423-1944
Grafton Methodist Church a Victorian Gothic building is located at 1544 Grafton Street in downtown Halifax, which is connected to the Church Hall added in 1951. The Church was constructed in 1868-69 after the original wooden structure burnt down in 1868. This Church has served several religious denominations;  Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregationalists and in 1925 United Church of Canada (St. David's Presbyterian Church). 
On the Eastern side of the Church bldg is a small grave yard, also under the Church Hall is a number of graves. ( In 2016 there is a plan to remove the Hall and build a 7 storey unit, the headstones and deceased will be moved at that time to another area.
When William Black originally came over from Brittain, he spread the word of Methodism, it is said he is buried under this Church.
Will update listing when headstones & remains are moved to annother area. Eliz'th Andrews