Genealogy Show and Tell


1. Jerry Byers [POSTPONED] - [a] How I used my previous genealogical research of two family histories to resolve the scrimshaw on two valuable old paired 'powder horn's and their fowler's gun from early New Annan, Colchester Co; and [b] An example of how a genealogical footprint adds substantially to the value of antiques and family heirlooms.

2. Irene Schofield - who published a book on The Richard Families of Guysborough County in 1996 and had several local, national and international reunions, and was coordinator of the Richard Reunion during the Acadian Congress Mondial in 2004. She will bring along a copy of her book. (It also includes several other Acadian surnames in the Guysborough area).

3. Norma Langille - Will talk about and show photos of her mother, Jean Aileen (nee Henderson) Hatherly, in her work as the first Rural Science Travelling Teacher in Nova Scotia in 1917. The three counties where she did her rural science teaching were Cumberland, with headquarters in Wallace, Annapolis with headquarters in Lawrencetown and in Cape Breton with headquarters in Lietches Creek, North Sydney area.

4. Sally King - Will talk about her ancestor, Henry Lewis born 1780 in Barnstable, Mass. She will bring a miniature silhouette of Henry and a spoon bearing his initials.

5. Jan Fralic-Brown - Will talk about the fact that the question that got her really seriously researching is still the one she's never been able to answer.

6. Pamela Wile - Will show copies of and talk about Postcards addressed to her ancestors in Leminster, Nova Scotia in the early 1900's and how she found them in a Halifax consignment shop.

7. Janet Charest - Will show us a locket with a picture of a grey-haired lady, dated Amherst, Jan. 1909. Possible relative. She's hoping someone will have an idea who it is.

8. Sister Christine McDonald - Will talk about her great-great-grandfather, Lt. John Coote of County Cork, Ireland and Halifax, NS. She will bring a ledger book that apparently came with him to Halifax. It dates back to 1840.

9. Alice Giddy - Will bring along a family bible printed in 1787 she has owned for about 40 years. She will also bring a photo album, fully annotated, of pictures taken during the second (1899-1901) Boer War, by her great uncle, Arthur Crossley. She will also bring copies of family trees that her grandfather put together in about 1955 during a trip home to England.

Additional Material sent by Away Members


I am researching the Ross family of Guysborough (Riverside), Nova Scotia. I have had some excellent luck with PANS, the Guysborough Gen Web and I am now at an impasse. I am having difficulty finding a key ancestor named Donald Ross. I know neither when he was born or when, where he died. I do know that he was married to Johanna OBarry (d. 1924) and that he is listed in the census 1891, with a comment that he was of unsound mind. He is not listed on the census of 1911.
Teresa Morton



Grandparents - William Fenwick Jones born 1 March 1872 Liverpool and came to the states with his wife named Mary Ella McCarthy who was born 10 May 1875 Churchover. My father was their child - Herbert William Fenwick Jones who married my mother, Edna May Perry.

  • William Fenwick Jones
  • Henry Smith Jones (my #8) b. 9 Oct 1840 Liverpool, wife was Cassie Mauser b. 7 May 1844 Beach Meadows - parents were William Mouzer (#14) and Elizabeth (Remby)
  • James Boyd Jones (#16) b. 17 May 1814 Liverpool, his wife was Elizabeth C. Hammett b. 20 July 1815 - not sure where; She was the daughter of George Hammett (my #34) and Mary Park
  • Captain Smith Jones (my #32) b. 6 Aug 1811 Liverpool, his wife was Mehitable (Hatta) Chadsey b. 25 Mar 1793 probably Liverpool. Her parents were Abel Chadsey (#66) and Mehetable Smith
  • Jacob Jones (my #64) was b. about 1752, his wife was Rebeccah (or Rebekah) Cole b. 6 Oct 1749 Eastham, Mass. Her parents were Benjamin Cole (my #130) and Desire/Desiah Smith
  • James Jones (my #128) was probably b. 1715 and came to Liverpool 1787, his wife was Susannah who was probably b. about 1729 and died in Mass. I don't know who her parents were.
Louise Jones Ramsey


My name is Joan Ward, and I have just joined your society. I live in Warrnambool, Victoria Australia. My g.grandfather was Peter Issac Martin born (according to his marriage certificate) in 1825 in Nova Scotia. On that same certificate it states his father was Simon Martin-Master Mariner and his mother was Maria Sameston (or similar spelling). I have no further information on his parents' origins or residency. But have some on Peter -he landed in Australia in approx 1853. So if my family has any relations out there, or has someone come across their names I would be delighted to hear from you. I wish you all a successful gathering on Saturday. 
Joan Ward



If you are going along highway number one you can stop in to see me. Coming out of Windsor they now have the sign Garlands Crossing on the right hand side. Just look for the first mailbox in the driveway with 4012 on it. I have a four shelf bookcase with various books and binders with genealogy etc.I have keyed the main names that I am interested in on my Family Treemaker program.You are welcome to have a look at what I have. Also have other books in the basement.I have also collected up quite a bit on Emma Stirling who came to Nova Scotia and operated Hillfoot Farm in Dempsey Corner, north of Aylesford (Kings County). This was on farmland later purchased by my father and brothers.If you have any questions just call me (902) 798-2706
Mary Louise (Horsnell) Rippey



I am from Halifax and my family goes back quite aways. The Taylors, circa 1833 and the Drysdales 1700's. I have been working on my family tree for a number of years and was stumped as to the jewelry I found in an old tin box. Earrings, brooch, lockets, and a gemstone ring. After my Mom passed away, I found an old shoe box with lots of old photos. Low and behold, there was the locket and earrings in the photo of Amelia Taylor (nee Drysdale), my paternal grandmother, who passed away in 1915, while her son, my father was overseas in France during WW1.( he was a mere 16 years old). When I opened the locket and took the photo of the grey haired lady out, on the back of the picture was a date, Amherst, 1909. Around this time in 1904, my father's young sister, Winnifred G. Taylor was in a sanitarium in Amherst were she passed away from TB, she was only 15 yrs old, there may be a connection!. This poses another problem, who is this lady? She is not my grandmother, as I have her picture along with the jewelry; there are always more mysteries popping up every day. The Cumberland museum has graciously posted the picture on their notice board, hoping someone, someday might recognize her and solve the puzzle for me. I would like to bring the photo in on Saturday, as perhaps, someone might have some insight as to whom she might be.
Janet Charest (nee Taylor)



A group of about 7 descendants of Walter Murray that came on the HECTOR and settled at Barney's River, Pictou County got together and made a comprehensive family tree of descendants. We had an excellent starting point with a 13 page typewritten document from John MacKay of Plymouth, Pictou Co., Nova Scotia. I'm not sure when Mr. MacKAy compiled the list. Several branches were unkown to Mr. MacKay and have been added and we still are finding families to include. We've posted the tree on Rootsweb and it's titled "Descendants of Walter Murray of Sutherlandshire, Scotland that came to Nova Scotia in 1773 on the ship "Hector". I don't recall how many names we have on that list (since living folks are omitted) but my file has 960 names of descendants and1382 names when spouses are included. It is especially meaningful since the Murray Point Cemetery where Walter is buried is on a portion of Walter's old grant and descendants still live on a portion of the grant along Barney's River. The rest of us are scattered all over Canada and the US. It's been an excellent way to connect with cousins.
To access the data at go down the left side menus to Family Trees (World Connect) and click on "Search Family Tree" and enter Murray Walter born 1735 Rogart, Sutherlandshire, Scotland and hit enter and it should come up.
Bill Dunbar in Helena, Montana



William Stagg, born 1835 in England had an Army career - England, Sebastopol and two terms in Canada. Married approximately 1859 to Margaret McFarlane, from Ireland, in Quebec City. First child, William Charles born 27 June 1860, died 18 September, 1861. After transfer back to England 1 Oct. 1862 they gave birth to Jane Stagg at Plymouth. On 4 Sept 1867, Margaret was born at Woolwich. Margaret died during March 1871, also at Woolwich. One month later, Harriet was born at Woolwich. Effective 25 Dec.1872 the family was posted to Halifax, NS. Family lore says mother died on day of arrival at Halifax. Jane and Harriet were put up for "adoption". Jane to a Findlay family of McNab's Island (Halifax) and descendants can be positively followed to today, through the Levi Collins family. No further solid documentation appears available on Harriet, other than a 1881 census in Forks of St. Mary's, Guysborough in the home of John Fisher "Harriot Stag, age nine, from NS, Presbyterian, father from England, adopted." No further information has been discovered on Harriet from conventional sources (census, death and marriage records, cemetery listings, etc.) Also in Harriet's 1881 census recording and in the same household it notes "William Stag, age 45, widower, Church of England, from England, father from England, not domiciled elsewhere." William, born 1839 retired 24 April, 1873 at Halifax. His next recording can be found on a 1 Jan. 1879 marriage to Johanna Timmons at McNab's Island. It appears that William applied to enter the Chelsea Hospital in England but no acceptance can be determined. Johanna is in the 1881 census under her Timmons name. What happened to Harriet and William Stagg?
Bob Moir  Toronto ON



I have been researching the family of William Turner and Hannah Catherine Hiltz of Lunenburg Co. N.S. , married in Lunenburg in 1818. All of their children lived in New Ross at one time. Several attempts have been made at this family genealogy, and these have been incomplete. Turners from this family married people with the following family names: HILTZ, KEDDY, QUINLAN, TAYLOR, OIKLE, AKER, REDDEN, BROOME, LEOPOLD, FREEMAN, HERGET, CAREY, BEZANSON, STEELE, ISENOR, SALTZMAN, BROWN, PORTER, FRASER, LEGGE, CORBIN, LEVY, LARDER, VIENOT, AND SANFORD. Many of the Turners from this family or their children went to the USA in the late 19th century and married into families with names as Adams, Albers, Schnare, Harron, Cogell, Sawers, and Wilcox. A few more went there in the early 20th century because of relatives that had gone earlier.
Holly Gunn

Some research tips from Holly Gunn: Apart from my research at the N.S. Archives, some of my helpful research places include:
  • Land Records Offices for the various counties. My brother was a surveyor, and he introduced me to this goldmine of genealogical information. Amazing information contained here! A lot of family history is contained here.
  • Relatives - No matter how distant. Write them, call them, and talk to them and tell them what you are doing. Make these connections. Be prepared to travel. Many of them have scrapbooks, old Bibles, etc. Through relative connections, I have gained access to scrapbooks, photo albums, family Bibles, and amazing stories
  • Local historical societies -- Volunteers are knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Cemeteries -- Talk to the staff or person in charge. Many graves are unmarked.
  • Obituaries-- Many of the local historical societies have collections of these. There are web sites devoted to this.
  • Yearly fee approx. $75 US. If you have relatives that moved to New England prior to 1900, you want to use this site which contains births, deaths, marriages. Particularly good for Massachusetts and Maine relatives.
  • Great for researching American ancestors and relatives. I have made a number of personal connections with previously- unknown relatives through, and have been able to share family research with them. I have found relatives left New Ross, Lunenburg Co. in 1870 to go to Nebraska and then on to Kansas, others that obtained land in the Oklahoma Land Rush, or went to seek a new life in Montana.
  • I have used Family Search, but after using NewEnglandAncestors and, I rarely use Family Search. Frustrations:
  • 1. Old photographs with no names or dates. I have some delightful photos from the late 19th century and turn of the century with no names.
  • 2. Scrapbook articles that have no source or aren't dated.


I grew up in New Brunswick and live in Mississauga, but of course my Freeman family routes are in Queens County. I have been lucky in that much of the family genealogy had been done before I got interested, but I have been able to fill in gaps from NS, Massachusetts and England. However one person's detail has eluded me. My 2nd ggrandfather was Tracey Freeman who was born in Liverpool in 1805 and died in Milton in 1867. He had 7 children, 4 of whom moved to the US, 1 died very young, and the other 2 had families of their own in NS. But next to nothing is known definitively about his wife. Her name was supposedly Permelia Gardner, or Gardiner or Gardener. She was probably born in or near Liverpool about 1809, and died before 1867 but after 1848. Even her first name is a mystery. It has been found shortened to Melia, but also spelled Parmilia. It was recorded in one daughter's marriage certificate as Annette and in another's as Pohulice. Tracey Freeman was a 'lumberman' and many of his forebears and descendants worked in various lumbering, milling and construction areas of the NS forest economy. His death certificate indicated he died of 'insanity'. At one time Tracey was considered to be well-off. He apparently kept all his money in his house, banks not being convenient or customarily used in the mid 1800s. Once, when he and his family had gone to Halifax and were away for a few days, a thief broke into his house, stole his valuables, and burned the house down. The thief was caught eventually by another 2nd ggrandfather of mine, Wellington Grimes, who was Deputy Sheriff at the time. Tracey being no longer young, was not able to replace his assets nor to accept his new situation. He apparently became a 'religious fanatic'. Whether this is what was meant by his 'death from insanity' is unknown. Any suggestions for further research will be welcome. Thanks.
Jack Freeman



I live in England so am unable to carry out personal research in NS! - but have scoured your site for all the info I can find and NSARM. I am reseaching the surname Meek. In tracing the family I have (Richard)Marshall Meek married to Alice Geddie Smith 11/11/1890 in Windsor. Marshall's parents are Samuel Meek (1814-1898) and Mary Beach(1821-1892), who are buried in Canning. I have been unable to trace their wedding (Canning/Rawdon?) and backwards to, I presume, Samuel Meek the loyalist who settled in NS c.1783. Can anyone help or advise?


In 2007 I began to research my father's family history at the request of my mother, who was interested in learning more about where the Cuthbert's originated (Perth, Scotland) and especially to try to locate any relatives or information about the Norwegian (Anderson) side of our family. My great-grandfather, Thomas Bruce Cuthbert, married a Norwegian widow, Annie Margaret Anderson in Cambridge, Mass. in 1889 and eventually moved to Halifax, NS in 1904. With what I thought would be a very easy task thanks to the internet, I quickly found out that I am probably on a lifetime quest which continues to encompass an ever growing "family" and although the internet is invaluable, it is, as you know, only one tool. After trying to decipher Norwegian archives, the Digitalarkivet, posting queries in Norwegian newspapers and going to various message boards, I connected with a lady who very graciously sent me a census from Larvik, Norway. I also joined an American Bygdelag, an organization of descendants from a particular area of Norway. Through a contact in this Lag in Norway, in 2009, I was finally put in touch with relatives still living in Larvik. Needless to say my mother was as excited as I was to receive that e-mail. My mother, age 87 yr. and still living in Halifax, thought the Norwegian part of our family would always remain a mystery. 
I must mention that the most valuable information to assist in this search, initiated with my Mother. Although no one was interested in the family history at the time, she sat with an aging aunt and wrote down everything she could remember about her life in the US and the move to Halifax. She also kept postcards, written in Norwegian, photos from nieces in Norway and all family obituaries in the Halifax papers. All of which was invaluable to start the research. 
Having found a relative in Norway, who has also been searching for 10 years for family in the US or Canada, I am now trying to assist her in her research by looking for descendants of my great-grandmother's niece, Wilhelmina (Ericksen) Hudson (Manhattan,NY, USA). This has become the proverbial brick wall! I have found that unless you are willing to join sites requiring payment, it is almost impossible to view original records from the US online. I have found an excellent site of transcribed records on the Italian -American genealogy site, which they are continually updating. I have also posted notes on genforum, rootsweb. and have e-mailed the NY Historical Society (no response). I would greatly appreciate any suggestions other members might have to aid in my research. 
Marilyn Mercer



I am trying to sort out the MacDonald families from Big Ridge, Cape Breton. From the book "History of Big Ridge, Cape Breton" (CBU) I have found the name Big Neil MacDonald and wife Flora. These are my grandmother's parents. (My father was George Farmer, and his mother was Katie MacDonald ). Due to the large number of persons named Neil, Norman, Flora and Mary Ann, I cannot seem to go back another generation. I think Neil's parents were Norman and Ann MacAulay, married 1833 in Houghary, North Uist. This couple had 2 children: Angus, born 1835 and Ann, born 1834 both in Scotland. This is the last trace of them in Uist. 
Sadly, I wish I had taken an interest in all of this many years ago as most of the last generation is gone now and sources such as Family Bibles have disappeared. I would love to hear from anyone who has researched this area of Cape Breton and may have more information on these MacDonald's.
Judie Reddy



I have a lot of information on the branch of the Farmer Family that I have been researching but would like to have one tidbit verified. My grandfather was GORDON STANLEY FARMER born in Halifax Dec. 28, 1884. He was the son of George Farmer who stayed in Nova Scotia after discharge from the Royal Engineers. Gordon's mother was Mary(?) Hannah(?) Elizabeth(?) Timmins or Timmons of McNabs Island. 
My Grandfather always told us that he was born in the "Town" clock in Halifax as his father was keeper of the clock at that time. Apparently records at the "Clock" were destroyed many years ago. I wonder if any one may have another source of information for me to follow. 
Judie Reddy



I am working on what I call tentatively A Hebridean Wilson Family Tree: the descendants of Malcolm and Flora (MacInnis) Wilson of South Uist, Scotland, whose grandsons Ewen (Hugh) and Donald settled at Kennington Cove, near Louisbourg about 1844 and Malcolm and Ranald settled in Williams Township, Middlesex County and Glenelg Township, Grey County in Ontario 1849-1851. All were sons of Lachlan and Catherine (MacDonald) Wilson who stayed in South Uist, along with five other children. This would be a complete rewriting and expansion of my publication on The Hugh Wilsons of Kennington Cove 1844-1982 which I did back in 1984. 
John A. C. Wilson



I have been fascinated with genealogy since my teen-aged years, listening to my grandmother (Hutt)recounting stories of life with 20 brothers and sisters! She had all of them, them,their families and whereabouts all in her head, and I wrote down what she remembered. That chart was the beginning. Fast forward some 40 years and add computers, the internet and all things on-line, and the ability to find family branches, new cousins and their family memories explodes. 
I have been particularly interested in maternal lines and thus have hit many brick walls. But the most frustrating brick wall has been that of my paternal 4Xgreat grandfather, William Quigley. He appears in Planters and Pioneers, Granville, 1770, Anna. Co., with wife Elizabeth, and ch. Margaret & Henry. William's son Winkworth was born in Granville 1767, (Granville Township book pg 36). Perhaps he was actually Winkworth Henry?
However, I have never been able to discover where William originated. Nor where Wright found her source to include Willam in Planters, which was presumably some 1770 census data. There were Quigleys in New Hampshire at the time, and I have done quite a lot of work on them, but never found a connection apart from the fact that McNutt had relocated to the Ulster Scott town of Londonderry, New Hampshire in 1758 and one Thomas Quigley, is noted there in the period 1721-1733, and through the 1800's. McNutt, of course, brought a group of settlers from NH to NS, but their names are not known. So there it is. My Quigley brick wall. 
Carol Quigley Measham Longboat Key, Florida



Here are the Nova Scotia families in which I am interested and the last male of that name from whom I descend. Most of them were in the Annapolis or Kings County:Benedict - JabezBrown - James L.Burbidge - AbelClark - John (Yorkshire Settler)Foster - CharlesHardy - Aaron Jr.Heaton - JohnKendall - ElishaMarchant - WilliamMarshall - ObadiahRicketson - AbednegoWilliamson - RobertWoodbury, EdwardI am more than happy to share. Have a great day - surely wish I could be there too.
Dianne Elliott



BRICKWALL: LOOKING FOR HARRIET STEWART/STUART BETWEEN 1838 AND 1855 AND INCLUDING THE 1851 CENSUS. PURPOSE: TO FIND WHERE SHE WAS BORN AND LIVED IN NOVA SCOTIA; WHO HER PARENTS WERE; FROM WHERE AND WHEN THEY EMIGRATED TO CANADA FROM SCOTLAND. Looking for HARRIET STEWART born 20 Mar 1838 in Nova Scotia. Died 17/18 April 1907, age 60 years. Buried in Kincardine, Ontario. Married James Brown living on Durham Rd. Kincardine Township, Bruce County (since 1845) on Mar 27 1855 in Huron [Township, Bruce County or Huron District] or Huron Center, Grey County according to the Christian Guardian by Wesleyan Methodist Minister William Creighton. Parents names left blank; no age stated. An Archibald Stewart born 1825 [in Quebec] married Agnes Stewart Atchison [born 1837] on 23 Mar 1855 by same minister in same location. 1861 - 1881 Harriet and James living in Kincardine Township. Parents Robert and Elizabeth Brown also living in township. Parents neighbour is Rev. John Stewart age 36 born Scotland. Rev Stewart's son is Alexander age 3 born in Nova Scotia. Daughter Jeanette age 1 born in Canada West. Unknown connection to Harriet. Religion: Presbyterian. 1901 - Harriet and James living in town of Kincardine. Possible Scottish birth order of children: 1st son -Robert Brown listed in 1901 as lodger - no age or religion given - age 23 as of June 25, 1879, cabinet-maker. 1st daughter - Agnes S. [ Stewart] 2nd son- Alexander [after Stewart] 2nd daughter - Elizabeth - [after Brown] 3rd son - George [after Stewart] 4th son - Thomas [after Brown] 5th son - James [after Stewart] 6th son - William [after Brown] 3rd daughter - Hariott [after Stewart] 4th daughter - Sarah [after Brown] 7th son - Lorenza Dow [after Brown] 8th son - Charles [after Stewart]. 
Parents could be an Alexander Stuart/Stewart and Agnes? I found a baptism in Annapolis, Nova Scotia for a Harriet Stewart born 08 Jun 1837 and baptised in Wilmot, Annapolis 29 Jun 1842, but do not think that this is her. Father: James Stewart; Mother: Agnes ? Possible cousin? Many Stewarts moved to Bruce and Grey Counties. I have noted that in Bruce County the spelling is mostly Stewart while in Grey County it is mostly Stuart.
Vonnie Haner, Wellesley, Ontario

I currently have a website for the ancestors who settled in Nova Scotia:
Al Short


I am at a standstill with my Cameron and McNaughton ancestors from Pictou County. I know that my great-great grandfather Daniel Cameron was born probably in Hopewell in 1835 and his parents are thought to be James Alexander Cameron and Janet Fraser. Daniel married Catherine McNaughton ( born in Stellarton?) in New Glasgow in October 1855. Family lore has Catherine as the sole survivor of a shipwreck as a toddlert?? Daniel had a sister Jessie (MacGlashan) and brothers Colin (Catherine Calder), John (Kittie), and Alexander. Daniel and Catherine, with their children Clara, Edwin, and Howard, moved to Victoria, BC in 1878
Susan Gibb



When did Oldham Gates marry his widow, Jemima (Alberti/Burtis) Potts? When did his third wife, Thankful (Adams) Gates, pass on? Source references or rememberences of him, his children, or to any very early settlers of the surnames Alberti, Burtis or Potts are welcome (beyond those in Calnek or Chute).
Barry Gates, Beverly MA USA



Alexander, born 1800 Scotland, parents John and Jane, married Augusta Bertha Frazier, born Nova Scotia, son John born 1827 Pictou. To Rockport, Massachusetts, by 1831. Samuel (brother?), born 1798 Scotland, married Catherine, born Nova Scotia, daughter Hannah, born 1822 Pictou, another daughter birthplace unknown, and a son born in Massachusetts and died before 1840 in Rockport. ANY REFERENCES WELCOME!
Barry Gates, Beverly MA USA



Donald, 1830-1892, born Muck Scotland, married Christy Matheson. Parents? Grand-children? Relatives? Any references welcome (besides gravestones, '71/'81/'91 censuses).
Barry Gates, Beverly MA USA



Want latest info on John, died about 1814, married Margaret/Peggy McMillan. Same as Squire John? I had always thought he had died later than that. Not Red John, right? Is he the a third John Cameron of Lochaber (even if he technically died at either Cape George or Melrose, before the family settled at Southend-Lochaber-Lake)? Also looking to locate the old homestead, just behind the house of George Molloy (to the 1980s).
Barry Gates, Beverly MA USA



Want parents of James Thomas Hinxman, born 1814 (Bayview?), capt. of The Robert in 1841 (see Chute), in Salem, Massachusetts, by 1851, then to Danvers. Married first Susan G., daughter of Gabriel Purdy of Clements, and second in 1854 to Bethia Matilda Woodman, daughter of Leah Fowler Chute. He listed his parents then as Thomas and Susan (which reads perhaps too much like his first marriage). Probable daughter or sister, Henrietta, also married in 1855 in Salem to James Dean of Milford, New Hampshire. Info on this branch welcome, too. Also, any info on a captain for Hincksman's Company, many members of which disbanded at Digby in 1784. Not Charles of Digby, patriarch of the Digby family, who was instead a private in Stump's Company. (Tried Digby Library, and Admiral Digby and AHS/Odell museums already.)
Barry Gates, Beverly MA USA



In Halifax my Aunt Florence Finley gave me six beautiful pictures of my ancestors going back to 1780's.
Question? Who were they? I started looking. After reaching a brick wall I wrote to the Canadian Archives. Back came an interesting genealogy. About 1775 Capt John Tardy brought his family to Nova Scotia from Marblehead, Massachusetts. Strangely, we came from Canada to Marblehead where I married. I felt very connected when I found that many of the most important moments of my life happened in the towns in Massachusetts where my ancestors settled. Was there a hand guiding my life?
Names of my ancestors in Halifax, N S:

  • Jacob Rudolph and Regula
  • Conrad Foseler/Vosseller/Fuzler and Regula Rudolph
  • John Morton and Maria [ Mary] Foseler and [Polegreen]
  • George Flowers and Rachel Morton
  • William Ackhurst and Maria Flowers
  • Thomas Cassells Allen and Florence Nightengale Ackhurst
  • John Tardy and Ruth M Blaney
  • Ruth Tardy and Thomas Flowers and [Christopher C Blackadar]
  • Eileen Allen and Tyler Louis Parkman from PEI to Halifax in W W 1

Kathleen Allen Parkman Lamb