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for July 2017
Exchange Publication:  Kiwi, Kith & Kin No. 109 Winter 2017.

for June 2017
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection
Exchange Publications: Okanagan Researcher  Vol. 33(4) June 2017; AncesTree Vol 38(2) Summer 2017; Descent Vol 47 (part 2) Jun 2017

 for May 2017
Nova Scotia Genealogist: NSG  Vol 35, Spring 2017
Exchange Publications: Kingston Relations Vol 44(2) Mar/Apr 2017; Vol. 44(3) May/June 2017, Descent  (The Journal of the Society of Australian Genealogists) Vol 45, 2015 - Vol 47 (Mar) 2017, Cariboo Notes  Vol. 34(1) Spring 2017.
for April 2017
Gans Newsletter: The Living Connection 
Exchange Publication: Kiwi, Kith & Kin No. 108 Autumn 2017

for March, 2017
Exchange Publications: Okanagan Researcher Vol 33(3) March 2017;
 AncesTree Vol 38(1) Spring, 2017.
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection,  Caraboo Notes 
 for February, 2017
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection 

 for January, 2017
Some Assessments, Tax Grantees, Tenants and Other Lists 1765-1789: Supplement to the Nova Scotia 1770 Census, 1985
Cumberland County Marriages 1765-1864
Nova Scotia Genealogist - NSG  Vol 34 (1-3) 2016.
Exchange Publicatons: Okanagan Researcher  Vol 33 (1) 2016, Vol 33 (2) 2016.  Kingston Relations Vol 43 (4) Sep/Oct 2016; Vol 43 (5) Nov/Dec 2016; Vol 44 (1) Jan/Feb 2017. Nova Scotia Cemeteries  Vol 1 (12) Sep 2016; Vol 2 (1) Oct 2016; Vol 2 (2) Dec 2016.

GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection 

for December, 2016
Nova Scotia Genealogist - NSG  Vol 33 (3) Fall 2016.

for November, 2016
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection 

for October, 2016
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection 

for September, 2016
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection 
Handouts from Ulster Historical Foundation, North American Lecture Tour. Tracing your Irish and Scots-Irish Ancestors:

  • National Archives Ireland. Some facts about the National Archives, 2010, 12 p.
  • National Archives Ireland. Notes, 25 p.
  • National Archives Ireland. Sources for family and local history, 2010, 13 p.
  • National Library of Ireland. Family History Research. Sources, 46 p.
  • PRONI Guides: Local History - The townland. 20 p.
  • PRONI Guides: How to trace your family tree. 82 p.
  • PRONI Guides: Emigration to USA. 7 p.

for August 2016
Exchange Publications:Nova Scotia Cemeteries
Thibodeau Village: Community Engagement, Archaeology and the Discovery of an Acadian Past in a Nova Scotia Planter Landscape. Presented by Sara Beanlands, May 14, 2016. 
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection

for July 2016
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection
Exchange Publications:Nova Scotia Cemeteries, Kiwi, Kith & Kin, Ottawa Genealogist 
The Photo Gallery: Unidentified Photographs, Tufts Cove Cemetery Tour

for June 2016
Descendants of Cpl. James McPhee researched by Alice Mombourquette.
Saint Paul's Church, Halifax, NS Baptism Registers 1769-1792. Transcribed and Indexed by Terrence M. Punch, 1986
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection

for May 2016
Exchange PublicationsNova Scotia Cemeteries
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection 
Highlights of Talk on One-Name Studies - Peggy Homans Chapman

for April 2016
Exchange PublicationsNova Scotia Cemeteries
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection

for March 2016
Modified Register Reports: A Wood and B Cranston. Scotland to Rawdon NS 1815
Exchange Publications: Nova Scotia Cemeteries, Kingston Relations
GANS Newsletter: The Living Connection