P-14 Intro


Volume 1


Allan Everett Marble, C.G.(C)

Publication Number 14

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Table of Contents
Introductory Remarks i
Primary Sources Consulted i
Surname Variations x
Explanation of Column Headings xi
Explanation of Abbreviations xiii
Acknowledgements xiv

Part I

Section 1: Deaths, Burials, and Probate of Persons for whom
Surnames are known
Section 2: Deaths and Burials of Persons with known Christian
Names but Unidentified Surnames
Section 3: Deaths and Burials of Persons not Identified
by Either Surnames or Christian Names
Part II Additional and Conflicting Information on the
Individuals whose Names appear in Part I


Introductory Remarks

This compilation was originally undertaken in order to establish statistics on the causes of death, and the age at the time of death, of Nova Scotians during the period 1749 to 1799. The statistics were to be used in a book which the author was writing entitled: Surgeons, Smallpox, and the Poor; A History of Medicine and Social Conditions in Nova Scotia, 1749-1799. It was realized, however, that the information which appears in the compilation would also be a valuable resource for genealogists, social historians, and historical economists. To the author's knowledge, this is the first time that an attempt has been made to prepare an alphabetical list of all the known deaths which occurred in a province during a fifty year period. The compilation has been restricted to deaths, burials, and probate, taken from primary sources only, and none of the information presented has been taken from secondary sources. This compilation lists all persons who are known to have: died in, lived in, or served in, the Province of Nova Scotia during the period 1749 to 1799. Although Nova Scotia, during part of the 18th century, included the land which is now within the boundaries of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, no attempt has been made to include in the compilation the names of persons who died in those places, while either was a part of Nova Scotia. However, statistics for Cape Breton, which was under French control during the period 1749 to 1758, and which was a separate colony during the period 1784 to 1820, are included in the compilation.

The information in this compilation is presented in two parts. Part I is an alphabetical list of all persons who died, were buried, or had their estate probated, during the period. It is divided into three sections, the first of which includes persons whose surame is known. The second section includes those persons for whom only the christian name, or first name, is known, while the third section includes information on persons for whom neither christian or surname is known. This third section was considered to be important to include since the age of the deceased, and the cause of death, was given, even though the deceased was anonymous. Part II provides additional or conflicting information on those included in Part I, which, because of the lack of space, could not be presented in Part I. If the user finds a name in Part I which is of interest, Part II should also be consulted to see if additional or conflicting information is presented on that same individual. It should be noted, however, that the author has attempted to include as much information as is known about an individual under the seven headings of Part I, but that not all of the information presented under these headings came from the source cited in column six. The information presented in Part I which is not found in the source cited in column six is found in one or more of the additional sources given in Part II beside the name of the individual of interest.

Primary Sources Consulted

The following is the list of sources in which the deaths, burials, and probate information, contained in this compilation, was found. Many other primary sources were consulted but were not included in the list since no additional information was found in them. Although most of the information was gleaned from records held by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS), the records of other Archives, Libraries, and Special Collections were consulted as indicated below. The published books included in the following list of sources are restricted to publications of diaries, journals, news- paper vital statistics, church records, and gravestone inscriptions. Beside each record category is given the number of deaths, burials, or probates which that record was found to include. Because the probate records were found to be scattered throughout a number of sources in addition to RG48, a table is presented under RG48 which indicates the other sources in which probates were found as well as the number of probates found in those sources which were not found in RG48.

Sources: Deaths/
I. National Archives of Canada  
Admiralty Papers  
Adm 1 Secretary's Department: In-Letters  
Vol.480 Admiral's Despatches, North America, 1745-1763 26
Vol.482 Admiral's Despatches, North America, 1759-1766 2
Vol.492 Admiral's Despatches, North America, 1789-1795 1
Vol.494 Admiral's Despatches, North America, 1797-1799 1
War Office Papers  
W.O.1 Correspondence: In-Letters  
Vol.17 Deaths of Members of the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment 11
Vol.18 Deaths of Members of the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment 29
II. Public Archives of Nova Scotia Deaths/ Estates
RG1 Public Records of Nova Scotia    
Vol.135 Inland Letter Book, 1753-1756 5  
Vol.163 Commission Book, 1749-1759 14  
Vol.186 Minutes of Executive Council, 1749-1753 18  
Vol.188 Minutes of Executive Council, 1757-1766 6  
Vol.206 Council Records for Intestate and Insolvent
Vol.357-358 Journal of Col. John Winslow, 1755-1756 14  
Vol.411 Deaths in the Poor House, Halifax, 1779 and 1780 10  
Vol.440 Deaths of Members of the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment  4  
Vol.526 Manuscript Documents 2,4, and 5, Wills   3
RG5 Minutes of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly 4  
RG20  Series 'A' Land Grant Petitions 11  
RG34-321  Series 'C' Court of General Sessions of the Peace,
RG39  Series 'C' Supreme Court Records, Halifax County 49  
RG41 Coroner's Inquests 18  
RG47 Deeds (Wills not included in RG48)   5
RG48 Probate including Wills, Estates, Acts, and

As can be seen in the following table, Wills, Intestate Estates, Probate Acts, and Administrations, are found mainly in RG48. The author has, however, found 45 estates listed in Nova Scotia newspapers which were not included in RG48. Probate records were also found in RG1 Vols 206, and 526, and RG47, which did not appear in RG48. For some unknown reason, the probate records for Annapolis County for surnames starting with the letters J to M, are not included in the microfilm collection of probate records at PANS. The originals of the twenty-five Annapolis County estates in this category can be viewed at the Annapolis County Court House in Annapolis Royal. Similarily, the first three books of Wills for Shelburne County are not on microfilm at PANS and have to be viewed at the Probate Office in Shelburne. Another observation which the author has made which is worth noting concerns the organization of the Probate records for Halifax County. For each letter of the alphabet, surnames are first listed for persons whose estates were located in Halifax County, and then a second alphabetical list appears for persons whose estates were in Counties outside of Halifax County. This is the reason why, in the table below, one notes that the Halifax Will Books include 37 Wills of persons who resided in other Counties, and the Halifax Estate Records include 201 estates located outside of Halifax County.

Wills of persons who resided in other Counties, and the Halifax Estate Records include 201 estates located outside of Halifax County.

  County County Halifax Halifax Nova Scotia Other  
County Wills Intestate Wills Intestate Newspapers Sources Totals
    Estates   Estates      
Annapolis 62 76 5 20 7 0 170
Antigonish 0 2 0 2 0 0 4
Cape Breton 5 4 0 7 0 0 17
Colchester 22 31 17 30 1 0 101
Cumberland 13 7 1 7 5 0 33
Digby 8 22 0 5 2 0 37
Guysborough 1 6 0 8 2 0 17
Halifax 377 426 - - 16 4 823
Hants 48 25 7 11 1 1 93
Inverness 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Kings 54 45 2 14 4 0 119
Lunenburg 86 101 3 24 3 2 219
Pictou 2 13 2 15 0 0 32
Queens 14 58 0 23 0 3 98
Richmond 0 1 0 0 2 0 3
Shelburne 28 83 0 23 1 0 135
Victoria 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Yarmouth 15 32 0 9 1 0 57
Other* 0 4 0 3 0 0 7
Totals 735 936 37 201 45 10 1,965

*Other refers to various townships in the province of New Brunswick.

RG60 Shelburne County Court Records 3

MG1 Papers of Families and Individuals

Vol.163 Byles Family Correspondence, Halifax 9  
Vol.181-4 Chipman Collection (Inquests), Kings County 49  
Vol.427 Harrison Collection, Cumberland County 28  
Vol.483C Diary of Alexander Houston of New York and Shelburne 2  
Vol.731A O'Brien Family Papers, Windsor 24  
Vol.770A Nehemiah Porter Journal, 1767-1769,Yarmouth 3  
Vol.797C Diary of Rev.John Seccombe, Chester 1  
Vol.1738 Chief Justice Jonathan Belcher Papers 1  

MG3 Business Papers

Vol.141 William Best's Account Book, Halifax, 1752-1759 2

MG4 Church and Community Records

The only place mentioned in the following list which is not found on contemorary maps of Nova Scotia is Lorembec. Big and Little Lorembec (also referred to as Big and Little Lorraine) were fishing villages located between Mira and Garbarus Bays on the east coast of Cape Breton. La Baleine exists on modern maps as Baleine.

Vol.2 Trinity Anglican, Wilmot, Annapolis County 9  
Vol.13 St.Stephen Anglican, Chester, Lunenburg County 5  
Vol.18 St.John's Anglican, Cornwallis, Kings County 32  
Vol.23 Trinity Anglican, Digby 97  
Vol.86 Dutch Reformed, Lunenburg 263  
Vol.88 Zion Lutheran, Lunenburg 344  
Vol.91 St.John's Anglican, Lunenburg 391  
Vol.141 Christ Church Anglican, Shelburne 173  
Micro Christ Church Anglican, Guysborough 51  
Micro Churches, Annapolis Royal, Saint Jean Baptiste 59  
Micro Churches, Ile Royale, Louisbourg 569  
Micro Churches, Ile Royale, Saint Esprit, La Baleine, Lorembec 49  
Micro St.George's Anglican, Halifax 235  
Micro St.Paul's Anglican, Halifax 6,145  
Micro St.George's Anglican, Parrsboro, Cumberland County 13  
Micro St.George's Anglican, Sydney 52  

MG4 Township Books

Vol.5 Annapolis 3  
Vol.7 Wilmot 9  
Vol.13 Chester 72  
Vol.18 Cornwallis 187  
Vol.25 Douglas 2  
Vol.31 Falmouth 29  
Vol.74 Horton 40  
Vol.109 Guysborough/Manchester 16  
Vol.122 Onslow 46  
Vol.150 Truro 18  
Vol.167 Yarmouth 67  
Vol.180 Liverpool 157  
Vol.185 Granville (new) 6  
Micro Argyle 16  
Micro Barrington 1  
Micro Granville (old) 54  
Micro Newport 7  
Micro Parrsboro 8  
Micro Westchester 4  

MG4 Cemetery Inscriptions (included with Church Records)

To the right of each cemetery listed below appears the number of individual eighteenth century inscriptions which were found in that cemetery. The number in brackets indicates the number of individual eighteenth century gravestones in the cemetery if the number of stones was not the same as the number of inscriptions.

Vol.13 Baptist Burying Ground, Chester, Lunenburg County 5  
Vol.77 Port Medway, Queens County 3  
Vol.107 Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County 4  
Vol.141 Christ Church Anglican, Shelburne 35(31)  
Vol.141 Presbyterian Cemetery, Shelburne 9  

MG5 Cemetery Inscriptions

All of the eighteenth century gravestones listed in the MG5 Collection at PANS (except for St.Paul's Cemetery) were viewed by the author to establish that the inscriptions had been recorded accurately, and corrections were made if the inscriptions recorded in MG5 were found to be in error. The chance of making errors in the copying of gravestone inscriptions is high as illustrated by comparing the three lists which exist of the inscriptions found in St.Paul's Cemetery. The last burial in this cemetery was in the 1840s, and therefore it would be expected that anyone copying the inscriptions in that cemetery in the twentieth century would record approximately the same number of stones and that the inscriptions recorded would contain the same informa ion. In 1902, George Mullane published "A Complete List of Those Buried in St.Paul's Cemetery". This was published as A Monograph of St.Paul's Cemetery and printed by Burgoyne in Halifax in 1902. Mullane listed 149 eighteenth century gravestones and a total of 177 inscriptions. Thomas Vardy Hill, who copied the same cemetery in 1909, found 293 eighteenth century gravestones and 387 individual inscriptions, and did not include twelve inscriptions which were in Mullane's ÒComplete List!Ó In 1985 Deborah Trask was in charge of a project to copy, photograph, and assess the condition of, the stones in St.Paul's Cemetery. The resulting compilation, which is undoubtedly the finest example of gravestone copying the author is aware of, lists a total of 317 eighteenth century gravestones and 424 inscriptions. Surprisingly, the twelve inscriptions which Mullane copied in 1902, but which were not copied by Hill in 1909, were also not found by Trask's team. As a result of these three compilations, the author has concluded that there were at least 329 individual eighteenth gravestones erected in St.Paul's Cemetery while it was used as a burying place and, that it contained at least 438 individual inscriptions.

Vol.1 Oak Hill Cemetery, Kentville 3  
Vol.2 Christ Church Anglican, Amherst 2  
Vol.2 Bass River, Colchester County 1  
Vol.2 Cemetery on the Marsh, Belmont, Colchester County 4  
Vol.7 Falmouth Center, Hants County 3  
Vol.8 St.John's Anglican, Canard, Kings County 1  
Vol.8 Fox Hill Cemetery, Lower Canard, Kings County 1  
Vol.8 Horton United, Grand Pr., Kings County 8  
Vol.10 Alma, Pictou County 6  
Vol.10 Murray Point Cemetery, Lower Barney's River, Pictou County 1  
Vol.10 Merigomish, Pictou County 3(2)  
Vol.10 McGregor Cemetery, New Glasgow 3  
Vol.12 St.Paul's Anglican, Halifax 438(329)  
Vol.14 Old Dutch Cemetery, Halifax 21  
Vol.17 Old Parish Burying Ground, Windsor 8  
Vol.20 Christ Church Anglican, Guysboro 2  
Micro Belleisle, Annapolis County 2  
Micro Chebogue Town Point, Yarmouth County 26  
Micro Chesley Cem., Upper Granville, Annapolis County 2  
Micro Chipman Corner, Kings County 19(18)  
Micro Glenholme, Colchester County 11  
Micro Harris Cemetery, Upper Clements, Annapolis County 1  
Micro Karsdale Cemetery, Annapolis County 2  
Micro Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, Colchester County 3(1)  
Micro Main Street Cemetery, Yarmouth 3  
Micro Meadowvale, Colchester County 3  
Micro Old Burying Ground, Onslow, Colchester County 8  
Micro Old Parish Burying Ground, Annapolis Royal 15  
Micro Potter Cemetery, Upper Clements, Annapolis County 1  
Micro Riverside Cemetery, Bridgetown, Annapolis County 1  
Micro Robie Street Cemetery, Truro 27(26)  
Micro Round Hill Cemetery, Annapolis County 2  
Micro St.Edward's Anglican, Clementsport, Annapolis County 1  
Micro Stoney Beach Cemetery, Granville Beach, Annapolis County 11  
Micro Old Burying Ground, West Amherst 10  
Micro West Paradise, Annapolis County (Cemetery #1) 1  
Micro West Paradise, Annapolis County (Cemetery #2) 1  
Micro Willow Church Cemetery, Waugh's River, Colchester County 2  

MG12 Great Britain, Army

Vol.0 Royal Engineers' Papers, Halifax 1

MG13 Great Britain, Navy

Vol.6 Navy Yard Papers, 1794-1800, Halifax 1

MG20 Societies and Special Collections

Vol.221 Nova Scotia Historical Society 1
Vol.569 Free Masons, St.Andrew's Lodge, Halifax 4

MG100 Miscellaneous Papers

Vol.85 John Albrecht Leizer Family Bible, Halifax 1
Vol.218 Family Bible of Johann Michael Schmitt, LaHave 11

C.O.217 Colonial Office Papers

Vol.9 State Papers for Nova Scotia, 1748-1750 1
Vol.10 State Papers for Nova Scotia, 1750-1751 5
Vol.11 State Papers for Nova Scotia, 1750-1751 1
Vol.13 State Papers for Nova Scotia, 1751-1753 3
Vol.18 Deaths at the Orphan House, Halifax, 1752-1762 74
Vol.19 State Papers for Nova Scotia, 1762-1763 1
Vol.66 Deaths of Members of the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment, 1794 3
  Minutes of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, 1794 3
Vol.67 Minutes of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, 1795 1
Vol.106 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1789 1
Vol.107 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1789-1790 1
Vol.108 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1790-1792 3
Vol.109 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1792-1793 5
Vol.110 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1793-1794 4
Vol.111 State Papers for Cape Breton. 1794-1795 1
Vol.112 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1795-1796 4
Vol.113 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1796-1797 3
Vol.114 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1790-1797 4
Vol.115 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1797-1798 3
Vol.117 State Papers for Cape Breton, 1798-1799 1


Almon Family 1  
W.C.Milner Papers- Abstract of Cumberland County Wills, 1772-c.1825   16
Diary of John Salusbury, Halifax, 1749-1753 38  
Rev.Jonathan Scott Diary, 1764-1777, Chebogue, Yarmouth County 22  

Micro-Cemeteries-Hants County-Duncanson Collection

Harvie Family Cemetery, Upper Burlington 1
Knowles Family Cemetery, Center Rawdon 1
Loyal Hill Cemetery, Summerville 1
Shey Family Cemetery, Falmouth 2
Wier Family Cemetery, Mosherville  


Annapolis Royal-Fort Anne, Stephen Rodda Diary 8
Beausejour Museum, Reel 1, Fort Lawrence District Town Records 8
Beausejour Museum, Reel 4, Barronsfield, Elysian Fields, Francklin
Manor, Maccan, and Nappan, Cumberland County, Vital Statistics, 1755-1837

Misc 'A' (Armies-Colonial)-Army Returns, 1757-1817 125

Diaries, Letters, and Journals

Cameron,K.W.: The Papers of Loyalist Samuel Peters, Trancendental Books, Hartford, 1978. 1
Deveau, J.A.: Diary of Cecile Murat, A Story of Saint Mary's Bay from 1795 to 1825. n.d. 2
Diary of Elijah Estabrooks, 1758-1760, Halifax, privately printed. 4
Journal of William Augustus Gordon, in Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol.5, pp.98-153. Wm MacNab, Printer, Halifax, 1887. 172
Diary of Nathaniel Knap at the Second Siege of Louisbourg, 1758. 27
The Journal of Captain John Knox. The Champlain Society, Toronto, Vol.1, 1914. 21
Letter Book of Captain Alexander McDonald of the Royal Highland Regiment, 1775-1779, in Collections of the New York Historical Society, Vol.15, 1882. New York, 1883, pp.205-515. 1
The Diary of Simeon Perkins, The Champlain Society, Toronto. Vol. 1 (1766-1780), edited by H.A.Innis; Vol.2 (1780-1789), edited by D.C.Harvey and C.B.Fergusson; Vol.3 (1790-1796) and Vol.4 (1797-1803), edited by C.B.Fergusson. 391
Diary of John Thomas, in Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol.1, pp.119-140, Morning Herald Office, Halifax, 1879. 9
Journal of Abijah Willard, 1755, in Collections of the New Brunswick Historical Society, No.13, pp.3-75, Barnes & Co.,Ltd., Saint John, 1930. 2

Letters and Papers

Naval Documents of the American Revolution, W.B.Clark, ed.,
Washington, 1966, Vol.2, p.1202, Graves to Stephens, 30 November 1775.


A study carried out by the author to determine the number of issues of eighteenth century Nova Scotia newspapers held by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia revealed that PANS had a collection of 1,942 of the 4,231 issues which were published during the period 1752 to 1799 inclusive. According to G.E.N. Tratt's Thesis A Survey and Listing of Nova Scotia Newspapers 1752-1757, prepared to satisfy the requirements for the Master of Arts Degree at Dalhousie University in 1957, and Maria Tremaine in her Early Canadian Imprints, 1752-1800, there were 162 issues of Nova Scotia newspapers in various Institutions which were not also held by the PANS. It could be concluded, therefore, that only 49.7 per cent of the issues of eighteenth century Nova Scotia newspapers have survived. The number of estate notices which appeared in eighteenth century Nova Scotia newspapers totals 416, however, as pointed out in the comments preceding the table on probate, only 45 of the newspaper estate notices were unique in that they were not found in RG48. It should be noted that Mr.Terrence M.Punch compiled Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1769-1812, and this was published by the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia as their Publication Number 5, in 1981. It is still available from the Association.


Halifax Gazette 67 16
Halifax Gazette and Weekly Advertizer 1 1
Halifax Journal 45 65
Nova Scotia Chronicle and Weekly Advertizer 13 5
Nova Scotia Gazette 10 5
Nova Scotia Gazette and Weekly Chronicle 125 119
Nova Scotia Magazine 81 0
Royal Gazette and the Nova Scotia Advertizer 170 146
Weekly Chronicle 58 46


Nova Scotia Packet and General Advertizer 4 6
Port Roseway Gazeteer and the Shelburne Advertiser 0 3
Royal American Gazette 0 4

III. Other Archives, Libraries, and Special Collections

Acadia University Archives, Wolfville

Lieutenant William Booth Diary, 1787-1789, Shelburne 1  

Annapolis County Court House, Annapolis Royal

Nine Wills and sixteen intestate estates not in the PANS holdings   25

Dalhousie University Library, Special Collections, Halifax

Nova Scotia Gazette and Weekly Chronicle, issue of 26 March 1776 3  

Nova Scotia Genealogical Association

Genealogical Newsletter    
No.27 John Saunders Family Bible, Paradise, Annapolis County 2  
No.29 John Philip Henrici Family Bible, Lunenburg 2  

Legislative Library, Province of Nova Scotia

Halifax Journal, issues of 14 and 21 March 1799 3  
Nova Scotia Gazette and Weekly Chronicle, issues of 31 May 1774, and 19 and 26 November 1780 5  

Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston

Dr.John Jeffries Diary, Vol.30 and 31 of the Jeffries Family Papers 9  

New Brunswick Genealogical Society

New Brunswick Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1784-1815    
New Brunswick Royal Gazette 2 2
Saint John Gazette 9 8

New England Historic and Genealogical Society, Boston

Boston Gazette 27  
Boston Evening Post 3  
Boston Newsletter 135  
Columbian Centinel 12  
New England Chronicle 78  

IV. Church Records and Gravestone Inscriptions which have been Published

A total of fifty-six eighteenth century Nova Scotian gravestone inscriptions have been photographed and published by Morse and Trask, and appear in very legible form in their publications cited below. Morse in his Gravestones of Acadie included a total of five photographs of stones at Annapolis Royal, Lower Granville, West Paradise, and Digby. In his The Land of the New Adventure , Morse included 34 photographs of legible gravestone inscriptions from cemeteries in Halifax, Shelburne, Lunenburg, Granville, Annapolis Royal, and Grand Pr.. Deborah Trask in her Life How Short, Eternity How Long, has photos of 17 stones from cemeteries in Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Alma, Hackett's Cove, Annapolis Royal, Barrington, Chebogue, Halifax, Liverpool, Chipman's Corner, Upper Canard, and Windsor.

Adams, E.: Durham Pioneer Cemetery [Pictou County], privately printed, 1987. 13(12)  
Registre De L'Abbé Charles-Francois Bailly, 1768 à 1773 (Caraquet). Transcrit sous la direction de Stephen A.White, Centre d'etudes acadiennes, Universit. de Moncton, Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick, 1978. 8  
Cemetery Inscriptions for Lunenburg, Queens, and Shelburne Counties. The South Shore Genealogical Society, Vol.1(1981), Vol.2(1982). Hillcrest Cemetery, Lunenburg. 5  
Eagles, D.E.: The Churches and Cemeteries of Horton Township, Kings County, Nova Scotia. Sarnia, Ontario, 1974. Simpson Burying Ground, Wallbrook, Kings County 2  
Epitaphs from the Old Cemeteries of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, copied and annotated by Charles Warman. Issued for Private Circulation with additional Notes by Robert J.Long, Boston, Mass., [1910]. Congregational Burial-Ground, Liverpool. 34  
Morse, W.I.: Gravestones of Acadia and Other Essays on Local History, Genealogy and Parish Records of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. A.Smith & Co., London, 1929. p.65 Burials at Wilmot and Aylesford, 1790-1800. 9  
Morse, W.I.: The Land of The New Adventure. The Georgian Era in Nova Scotia. B. Quaritch Ltd., London, 1932. 34  
Perry, H.A.: These Stones Shall be for a Memorial, Sentinel Print, Yarmouth, 1983.    
p.32 Obediah Wilson Family Plot, The Neck, Barrington West 1  
pp.32-34 Old Meeting House Graveyard, Barrington 11(7)  
The Old Wolfville Cemetery Inscriptions. Publication No.1 of the Genealogical Committee of the Kings Historical Society, Kentville, 1984. 35(18)  
Trask, D.: Life How Short Eternity How Long. Gravestone Carving and Carvers in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax, 1978. p.17 Hackett's Cove Anglican Cemetery, Halifax County 3(1)  
Wills, J.A.: The Cemeteries of North Cumberland, Publication No.3, North Cumberland Historical Society, revised ed.,1986. p.225 Pioneer Cemetery, Wallace Bay, Cumberland County 3  

V. Gravestone Inscriptions Collected by the Author and Others

Canard, Kings County 1
Davoue Cemetery, Annapolis Royal 1
Fort Massey Cemetery, Halifax 1
Grafton Street Methodist, Halifax 3(2)
Old Loyalist Cemetery, Digby 1
Parrsboro Cemetery, Cumberland County 2
Rushton Cemetery, Sutherland's Lake, Cumberland County 6
St.George's Anglican Cemetery, Sydney 1
St.Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Sydney 1
St.Peter's Anglican, Weymouth 1
Trinity Anglican, Digby 3
Upper Canard, Kings County 2

Surname Variations

The surnames contained in this compilation are presented using the spelling of the names which appeared in the primary sources consulted. This was done in order to maintain the integrity of the information given in the primary sources, and to allow the researcher to interpret the primary source information as he/she saw fit. The compiler has, however, provided a list of names which appear in two or more variations in Part I and Part II. It is also important to be aware of the fact that some of the surnames of the early Lunenburg German settlers were presented in the records using one spelling for males, and a second spelling of the same surname for females. The difference between these two spellings is that the female version of the surname is constructed from the male spelling plus a suffix, ie.: Fink (male), and Finkin (female), or Goetz (male), and Goetzin (female).

Arnberg (male), and Arnebergin (female) Annenberg, Arenberg, and Arnberg
Babinou, and Babineau
Bachman, and Bauchman
Bailey, Baley, and Bayley
Barlo, and Barlow
Barnaby, Barneby, and BarnabeeBarteaux, and Barto Bearsto, and Beairsto
Becker (male), and Beckerin (female)
Blackadar, and Blackadore
Bleisteiner, Blistanner, and Bleysteiner Bolleber (male), and Bolleberin (female) Bourgogne, Bourgogni, and Bourgogny
Bouteiller, Boutelier, and Bouteillier
Brenton, Breynton, Brienton, and Bryenton Bubbikoffer later became Publicover
Calahan, Callaghan, and Callahan
Campbell, Camble, and Cambell
Ceelick later became Selig
Celler later became Zellers
Certie later became Sarty
Chislom is probably Chisholm
Clattenberger, Clettenberger, and Klattenburg Conrad and Conradt (male), and Conradin and Conradtin (female) Coone later became Kuhn
Corkum earlier was spelled Gorkum
Cousens, Cousins, and Couzens
Culemore, Cullimore. and Cullymore
Curtis, and Curtice
Dauphine, Dophine, Dophinee, Dophinet, Dophiney, and Dupney Dickson, Dixon, and Dixson
Dogherty, Doherty, Doughaty, and Dougherty Donavan, Doneven, Dunnevan, Dunnavan, and Dunivan Eisenhauer (male), and Eisenhauerin (female) Eminoud, Emminaud, Emounod, Emmoneau, and Emounot Ernst (male), and Ernstin (female)
Falkner, Faulkner, and possibly Folkner Ferguson, Farguson, and Furgeson
Fink (male), and Finkin (female)
Fraser, Frazer, Fraizer, and Frazier
Gillespie, Gelispy, and Gillispie
Goetz (male), and Goetzin (female)
Halfer (male), and Halferin (female). Modern spelling is Hefler. Haley, and Haly
Hawes, Hause, and Hawse
Hirtle, and Hertle
Hewes, Hews, Hughs, Huse, and Hughes
Hilsz, and Hiltz
Hoar, and Hore
Hudson, and Hutson
Isinghart later became Eisenhauer
Jeaudry, Jodery, Jodry, and Joudry
Jung (male), and Jungin or Jungen (female) Jupp later became Schupp, or Shupe
Kanady, and Kennedy
Kayser, Keiser, Keyser, Kyser, Kaiser, and Kaizer Kenaut, and Knaut
Koefler later became Keeler
Kolb (male), and Kolbin (female)
Kolter, and Colter

Explanation of Column Headings

The seven column headings in this compilation each require a detailed explanation to ensure that the user is absolutely clear as to the source and meaning of the information presented.

Column 1: In this column which is headed Name, each person's name is recorded exactly as it appears in the Source listed in column six. If a second source spells the person's name differently, or if the author is aware of the correct spelling of the name, this information will appear in Part II, opposite the name which appeared in Part I. Additions or corrections made by the author based on his own knowledge are presented within square brackets.

Column 2: The date which appears under the column headed Date represents a death, burial, inquest, or probate, as indicated by the primary source listed in the column headed Source. All dates appear in new style and are based on the Gregorian Calendar which came into effect in Nova Scotia in September 1752.

Column 3: Under the heading Place in column three, is listed the location where the person died, was buried, or lived prior to death. The only place listed under this column which may be difficult to locate is Oakland. It is about two miles east of Mahone Bay on the north side of Mahone Harbour.

Column 4: The fourth column which is headed Age gives the age of the person at the time of death if known. If the age was given in the primary source in months, it is listed in column 4 as a fraction (i.e.: two months is given as 2/12, whereas twenty-one months is given as 21/12.)

Column 5: The fifth column gives the next of Kin of the deceased, as given in a primary source. The name included under this heading is either the spouse, or one of the parents of the deceased. If the name of the spouse and the parents are known, the name of the former will be given in this column.

Column 6: This column which is headed Source is undoubtely the most difficult to understand, and also the the most important to be able to understand. The source given for the information presented on any particular individual is one of the primary sources listed in the previous section entitled Primary Sources Consulted but, because of space limitations, these sources are presented in an abbreviated form in this column. It is noted that each source given is followed by a letter within round brackets. The letters which have been used refer to the type of information contained in the particular source, and are identified as follows:

A: Administration of an Estate
B: Burial
D: Death
E: Intestate Estate
I: Inventory of an Estate if RG48, or an Inquest if RG41
S: Gravestone Inscription
W: Will

If a number of these sources were found for an individual, the source which is listed in column six is the one which most pecisely identifies the date of death. The remaining sources which were found for that individ- ual appear after his/her name in Part II.

Column 7: In this column entitled Addendum, additional information is given on the individuals listed. If more than one item of information was known about an individual, the entry in this column was selected based on the following categories which are listed in order of precedence.

Cause of Death
Relationship to kin listed in column five
Infant, child, or widow
Place of Origin
Member of a Regiment, or Crew of a Ship
Miscellaneous Information

Explanation of Abbreviations

A: Administration of an Estate
Adm.: Admiralty or Admiral
Alex.: Alexander
Am.: Americans
Ang.: Anglican
Arch.: Archibald
B: Burial
B.G.: Boston Gazette
Bk: Book
B.N.L.: Boston Newsletter
Brit.: British
Capt.: Captain
Cem.: Cemetery
Ch.: Church
Chas.: Charles
Chris.: Christopher
Cnr: Corner
C.O.: Colonial Office
Col.: Colonel
Coy: Company
d: days
D: Death
Dr.: Doctor
E: Estate
Eliz.: Elizabeth
Eng.: England
E.P.: Evening Post
Esq.: Esquire
Ft.: Fort
Geo.: George
Gov.: Governor
Granch.: Granchant
Guys: Guysborough
Hbr: Harbour
H.G.: Halifax Gazette
H.J.: Halifax Journal


The compiler gratefully acknowledges the friendly and knowledgeable assistance given to him by the Staff of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Museum (particularly Deborah Trask), and at the Annapolis Royal Court House. He is also indebted to Mr. Terry Punch who proof read the manuscript, offered valuable advice, and suggested primary sources which should be consulted.

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