P-22 Introduction


Volume 1


Allan Everett Marble, C.G.(C)

Publication Number 22

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Table of Contents
Introductory Remarks iii
Primary Sources Consulted iii
Surname Variations xxxix
Explanation of Column Headings xlii
Explanation of Abbreviations and Source Designations xliv
Acknowledgements xlviii

Part I

Section 1: Deaths, Burials, and Probate of Persons for whom
Surnames are known
Section 2: Deaths and Burials of Persons with known Christian
Names but Unidentified Surnames
Section 3: Deaths and Burials of Persons not Identified
by Either Surnames or Christian Names
Part II Additional and Conflicting Information on the
Individuals whose Names appear in Part I



Only the first four pages of the complete forty six page Introduction is provided here.


Introductory Remarks

This compilation was undertaken in order to establish statistics on the causes of death, and the age at the time of death, of Nova Scotians during the period 1800-1850. These statistics are presented in a book which the author is writing entitled: Physicians, Pestilence, and the Poor; A History of Medicine and Social Conditions in Nova Scotia, 1800-1867. It was realized, however, that the information which appears in the compilation would also be a valuable resource for genealogists, social historians, and historical economists. The compilation has been restricted to deaths, burials, and probate, taken from primary sources only, and none of the information presented has been taken from secondary sources. This compilation lists all persons who are known to have: died in, lived in, or served in, the Province of Nova Scotia during the period 1800 to 1850. Although Cape Breton was a separate colony during the period 1800 to 1820, deaths, burials, and probate for that Island for that period are included in this compilation.

The information is presented in two parts. Part I is an alphabetical list of all persons who died, were buried, or had their estate probated, during the period. It is divided into three sections, the first of which includes persons whose surname is known. The second section includes those persons for whom only the christian name, or first name, is known, while the third section includes information on persons for whom neither christian or surname is known. This third section was considered to be important to include since the age of the deceased, and the cause of death, was frequently given, although the deceased was anonymous. Part II provides additional or conflicting information on those included in Part I, which, because of the lack of space, could not be presented in Part I. If the user finds a name in Part I which is of interest, Part II should also be consulted to see if additional or conflicting information is presented on that same individual. It should be noted, however, that the author has attempted to include as much information as is known about an individual under the seven headings of Part I, but that not all of the information presented under these headings came from the source cited in column six. The information presented in Part I, which is not found in the source cited in column six, is found in one or more of the additional sources given in Part II beside the name of the individual of interest.

Primary Sources Consulted

The following is a list of sources in which deaths, burials, and probate information, contained in this compilation,was found. Although most of the information was gleaned from records held by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS), the records of several other Archives, Libraries, and Special Collections, were consulted as well and are listed below. The published books included in the following list of sources are restricted to publications of diaries, journals, newspaper vital statistics, church records, and gravestone inscriptions. Beside each record category is given the number of deaths, burials, or probates which that record was found to include. Because probate records were found to be scattered throughout a number of sources, in addition to RG48, a table is presented under RG48 which indicates the other sources in which probate was found as well as the number of probates found in those sources.

I. National Archives of Canada Deaths/Burials
Admiralty Papers  
Adm 102 Vols.255-265 Burials in Naval Hospital Burial Ground, Halifax 586
Adm 103 Vols 167-168 General Entry Books-American Prisoners of War at Halifax 183
Vol 170 - General Entry Books - French Prisoners of War at Halifax 44
Vol 625 - General Entry Books - Spanish Prisoners of War at Halifax 9
Total 236
Adm 128 Vol 19 Correspondence of the North American Station 14
War Office Papers  
W.O. 25 War Office Registers 3

II. Public Archives of Nova Scotia    
RG1 Public Records of Nova Scotia  
  Vol.53 Letter Book, Sir John Wentworth, 1800-1805 8
  Vol.54 Letter Book, Sir John Wentworth, 1805-1807 3
  Vol.58 Transcript of Correspondence from Governors, 1808-1810 3
  Vol.59 Transcript of Correspondence from Governors, 1811-1815 1
  Vol.60 Original Dispatches from Secretaries of State to Governors, 1800-1806 1
  Vol.62 Original Dispatches from Secretaries of State to Governors, 1811-1814 1
  Vol.64 Original Dispatches from Secretaries of State to Governors, 1821-1823 1
  Vol.65 Original Dispatches from Secretaries of State to Governors, 1824-1826 1
  Vol.67 Original Dispatches from Secretaries of State to Governors, 1830 1
  Vol.111 Letter Book of Governors, 1808-1816 2
  Vol.113 Letter Book of Governors, 1820-1828 1
  Vol.141 Provincial Secretary's Office Letter Book, 1814-1818 1
  Vol.146 Provincial Secretary's Office Letter Book, 1826-1829 2
  Vol.174 Commission Book, 1821-1855 1
  Vol.199 Minutes of the Executive Council, 1847-1850 26
  Vol.218Q Journals of the Legislative Council, 1801 1
  Vol.225 Reports of Special Sessions of the Peace 1
  Vol.227 Petitions, Appointments, and Oaths of Allegiance 1
  Vol.231 Postal Services, Road Building, and Import Regulations 1
  Vol.232 Light Houses and Roads 1
  Vol.233 Importation of Horses and Sheep 1
  Vol.234 Regulations for the Granting of Lands 1
  Vol.238 Petitions and Appointments 14
  Vol.307 Selections from the Files of the Legislative Assembly, 1823-1827 1
  Vol.321 Original Minute Book, Executive Council of Cape Breton, 1798-1810 1
  Vol.322 Original Minute Book, Executive Council of Cape Breton, 1810-1818 8
  Vol.330 Papers Relating to Cape Breton, 1799-1841 2
  Vol.334 Miscellaneous Papers, 1773-1823 1
  Vol.343 Crown Prosecutions, 1794-1832 1
  Total   88
RG5 Records of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia  
  Series A, Assembly Papers, 1758-1815, Vol.19, 1812 1
  Series R, Reports and Resolutions, 1816-1896  
    Vol 20. Cholera Deaths Reported by Dr.John Adamson, 1834 21
  Total   22
RG7 Provincial Secretary's Correspondence 23
RG11 Records of Cape Breton, Vols 1 and 2. 4
RG20 Lands and Forests  
  Series A, Land Grant Petitions, Vols 25-101 46
  Series B, Cape Breton Land Grant Petitions, Vols 1-14 26
  Total   72
RG25 Series C, Vol.5, Poor Book of the Commissioners of the Poors' Asylum  
  Book 1: 1829-1839 6
  Book 2: 1840-1860 6
RG27 Public Works  
  Vol.6 Papers dealing with the Bridewell and Provincial Penitentiary 25
RG34-312   Court of General Sessions of the Peace, Halifax County, Vol.9a 9
RG35-102   Municipal Government  
  Series 28A-1 Minutes of the Board of Health, Halifax, 1848-1870 4
  Series 33A-1 Deaths of Paupers in the Poor House, Halifax, 1802-1811. 295
RG39 Series C. Supreme Court Records Halifax County 1
  Shelburne County, Vols 3 to 5( Inquests) 26
  Total   27
RG41 Coroner's Inquests and Medical Reports  
  Series C, Coroner's Inquests 1,206
RG48 Court of Probate  

It should be noted that the numbers in the Table which follows represent only those Probated Wills and Administration Papers which the author found legible. The writing in some probate papers, especially five or ten per cent of those for King's County, was illegible. The letters used to denote the type of probate record cited are: Wills (W); Administrations (A); and Inventory (I), in that order In other words if a Will was available it would be cited over an Administration or an Inventory. If the date of death of the individual was given in the Administ- ration papers the letter (D) was included with the source and the date given in column two for that individual was the death date. Will Books for Annapolis County prior to 1879 were not available at PANS. It was noted, however, that the Estate papers for Annapolis County, which are at PANS, contained 362 Wills. An additional 17 Wills were found in Family History Library microfilms 0817440, and 0817442, and were abstracted by Wayne Walker in his excellent work entitled Abstracts from the Court of Probate Records for Annapolis County, Nova Scotia (1763-1938), compiled in 1994.

Cumberland County probate records are in the worst state if disarray of any, with very little alphabetical or chronological arrangement and a mixture of Wills and estate papers, some of which, for the same individual, appear on several different reels of microfilm. The Reel (19,256) of Cumberland County Wills contains 70 Wills and 83 Administrations of Estates, whereas the 55 Reels of Cumberland County Estate papers (19,264-19,319) contain 25 Wills and 74 Administrations for the period 1800-1850. The first three Will Books for Shelburne County were not microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints and are, therefore not at PANS. The author visited the Shelburne County Municipal Office on July 6, 1998 and studied these three Will Books. Twenty-one Wills and thirteen Administrations were found in the Will Books, for the period 1800-1850, which were not found in the Shelburne Couty Estate papers held by PANS.

A very important fact to be aware of is that prior to 1842 the Estate papers for Halifax County contain two distinct sections for each letter of the alphabet. The first section includes Estates for Halifax County, which prior to 1836 included Colchester and Pictou Counties, whereas the second section for each letter contains estate papers for Counties outside of Halifax County. It will also be noted from the Table that several estates which were advertised in various Nova Scotia newspapers are not included in the Court of Probate Records suggesting that these estate papers were lost or misplaced and were not microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints in 1968 and 1969.

County County County Halifax Halifax Nova Scotia      
  Wills Intestate Wills Intestate Newspapers Total Men Women
    Estates   Estates Men Women      
Annapolis 379 300 1 57 9 0 746 691 55
Antigonish 137 56 1 21 9 0 224 214 10
CapeBreton 118 123 0 16 3 0 260 239 21
Colchester 168 327 5 46 8 0 554 512 42
Cumberland 95 157 1 39 11 0 303 292 11
Digby 226 74 0 48 10 0 358 328 30
Guysborough - - 2 41 21 0 64 63 1
Halifax 797 1,183 - - 78 4 2,062 1,851 211
Hants 288 205 6 49 17 1 566 529 37
Inverness 69 74 0 14 1 0 158 155 3
King's 327 331 2 46 12 0 718 678 40
Lunenburg 450 374 6 100 16 2 948 893 55
Pictou 255 211 6 79 18 3 572 545 27
Queen's 122 296 0 69 7 0 494 472 22
Richmond 33 38 0 11 4 0 86 82 4
Shelburne 174 197 0 45 8 0 424 403 21
Victoria 4 9 0 9 0 0 22 22 0
Yarmouth 216 242 0 54 15 0 527 504 23
  _____ _____ __ ___ ___ __ _____ _____ ___
Totals 3,858 4,197 30 744 247 10 9,086 8,673 413
MG1 Papers of Families and Individuals  
  Vol.238 Elizabeth Coward Collection  
    #7 Quirk Family births, marriages, and deaths 1
  Vol.243 Family Bible of Thomas M,Crowe 3
  Vol.332B Rev.Hugh Graham Correspondence 3
  Vol.332C Family Bible of James Graham Family 11
  Vol.427 Harrison Family, Cumberland County 33
  Vol.729A Mary Ann Norris Diary 72
  Vol.731A O'Brien Family, Windsor 5
  Vol.908 Strum Family Documents, Item #9 8
  Vol.1206 Charles Morris Papers, Letter #27 1
  Vol.1328 Robert Blauveldt Collection  
    Yarmouth Conservative, 3 October, 24 October 1839 2
    Yarmouth Telegraph, 24 August 1832 4
  Vol.1329 Robert Blauveldt Collection  
    Yarmouth Telegraph, 25 November 1831 1
  Vol.1489 T.N.Jeffrey Papers 1
  Vol.2652 Miscellaneous Papers, #7 1
  Vol.2854 George Phillips Collection of Shelburne County Cemetery Inscriptions. 12
  Total   158

This is the end of the first four pages of the forty six page Introduction.



The compiler gratefully acknowledges the friendly and helpful assistance given to him by the Staff of: the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, Dalhousie University Specical Collections, Acadia University Archives, Legislative Library of Nova Scotia, New England Historic Genealogical Society, and the Centre d'études acadiennes. One particular individual who the compiler is particularly indebted to is Dr. Allen Robertson. He brought to the compiler's attention the cemetery listings for the Old Burying Ground and for the Little Dutch Church which had been prepared by William D.G. Smith and which were published in the Acadian Recorder in 1880 and also the listing of the gravestone inscriptions of the Little Dutch Church Cemetery prepared by Thomas Burton and published in the Acadian Recorder in 1888.

Total Number of Individuals included in this Compilation: 49,202.

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