1. Sandy Wooden discussed a couple of books she has written: A Boutilier Family, the "Jacks" — The Ancestors and Descendants of James Dell Boutilier and Gladys Bernice Smith and The Nash Family of Ingramport, Halifax Co., N.S.: The Ancestors and Descendants of Eugene Elver Nash and Ivy Etta Garrison.

2. Jennifer Barden talked about researching the Welton Family of Nova Scotia.

3. Holly Gunn is a descendant of William Turner (b. 1794 in Kingsdown, Kent, England) and Hannah Catherine Hiltz (b. 1791 in Martins River, Lun. Co., N.S.). Holly told us about her considerable research on the descendants of this couple. She is planning to compile the information in a book format, and is in the (slow) process of formatting and proofreading her documentation. Family names that become intertwined with the Turner name through marriage include Quinlan, Hiltz, Keddy, Broome, Leopold, Oickle, Veinot, Saltzman, Herget, Daniel, Brown, Porter, Legge, Sawers, etc.

4. Dr. Allan Marble gave a short PowerPoint presentation about a solution of a brick wall problem concerning an Archibald daughter.

5. Eleanor Smith, C(G)C presented on her personal family history documented books: ROBERTSON includes Jasper Harding UE, Hupman, MacDonald and 76^th Regiment of Disbanded Soldiers; SMITH - descendants of James Smith who arrived in Chester, Nova Scotia in 1784 and Mason, Reeves, Hawboldt connections; HOGG and James HAMILTON UE; DELANEY and LANDERS family of Yarmouth, also includes Cook, William Moses UE and Leonard Wisener UE; Mayflower Families - 12 documented connections: John ALDEN, John BILLINGTON, William BREWSTER, James CHILTON, Francis COOK, Francis EATON, Dr. Samuel FULLER, Stephen HOPKINS, John HOWLAND, William MULLINS, John TILLEY and Richard WARREN.
*Note only the Hogg book is available for sale.