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While researching family history, many of us find a connection to Nova Scotia or another Maritime province. Movement to and from the United States was very common. Patterns of migration occurred in large and small numbers at different points in history to Nova Scotia from the United States and many European countries including Scotland, Germany, Ireland and France. Residents from Nova Scotia even found themselves as far away as the South Pacific.
More than half the members of the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) reside in other parts of Canada, the United States and other world-wide locations. As a celebration of the role the early residents played in the development of Nova Scotia, GANS is providing an opportunity to recognize those­ and their descendants, who were residents of Nova Scotia prior to the Confederation of Canada in 1867.
Members or non-members can apply for a Nova Scotia Ancestors Certificate. In order to confirm the individual named on the certificate descended from the original Nova Scotia ancestor, an application form must be completed. Applicants that meet the essential criteria requested on the application form, along with their application fee, will receive a certificate suitable for framing signed by the President of GANS.
If the applicant grants permission, the name of the person on the certificate along with their ancestor’s name will be listed on a dedicated section of the GANS’ website. The Nova Scotia Genealogist will highlight new certificates as they are awarded.
GANS is unable to provide research on the applicant’s behalf. GANS’ role is only to verify the application and award the certificate. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the necessary documentation as requested.
1. Please complete the downloadable application form. The form is a fillable PDF and includes the detailed instructions you will need to follow during your application process.
2. Save the completed form to a file and email to info@novascotiaancestors.ca along with copies of each of your supporting documents.
3. You may also complete your application by hand and mail it in, along with supporting documents and cheque for payment to: Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (NS Ancestors Certificate) 33 Ochterloney Street, Suite 100, Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 4P5
4. Payment can be made online through PayPal or with a credit card. If ordering from outside Canada, please select your payment in US funds.
5. If paying online, please select one of the two options for payment, Members or Non Members. Current membership status will be checked.
6. Please allow 4-6 weeks to validate your documents, process your application, prepare and mail out your certificate.
You will be mailed an unframed certificate. The framed certificate shown above is an example of how you may display and frame your certificate.

Members Nova Scotia Ancestors Certificate
    The Standard Certificate  $25.00 Member's Price


Members price for each additional certificate. You are able to indicate in your basket the number of additional certificates you require.
 $15 for each additional certificate from the same lineage. This order must be made combined with the above member's order.


Non-Members Nova Scotia Ancestors Certificate
    The Standard Certificate  $35.00 Non-Member's Price

Non-Members price for each additional certificate. You are able to indicate in your basket the number of additional certificates you require.
  $20 for each additional certificate from the same lineage. This order must be made combined with the above non member's order.


If for some reason you placed an order and missed adding an additional certificate, please contact info@novascotiaancestors.ca. If the order has not yet been processed, we may be able to increase the number of extra copies required with your initial order.