NS Ancestors Certificate Recipients

Recipients of the Nova Scotia Ancestor Certificate as of May 11, 2019. For quick reference, Recipients are sorted by the last name of their ancestor. 
The following have received a certificate in honour:
Cole JR Carlson, of Saskatchewan 
Ryan FA Carlson, of Saskatchewan
Lesley ME Strelioff, of Saskatchewan
for their ancestor:
Hon. John Hawkins Anderson, who resided in Halifax from his birth in 1805 to his death in 1870

David B Wallace, of New Hampshire, USA
for his ancestor:
Obediah Benjamin, who resided in Kings County before 20 November 1762:

Harold Cann, of Ontario
for his ancestor:
Benjamin Cann, who resided in Baleine, Cape Breton in 1762.

Sandra Marie (Darrach) Welsh of Strathroy ON
for her ancestor:
Archibald Darrachwho resided in Herring Cove, NS in 1827.

Deborah EM McCauley, of New York, USA
Jeanne Myers, of Florida, USA
for their ancestor:
George Hammett, who was resident in Queens County in 1783.

Sandra Inglis Corbin, of Bedford Nova Scotia
for her ancestor:
John Inglis, who resided in Lochaber, NS in 1817.

Andrew Arthur Turnbull 
Donald William James Turnbull, of Alberta
Travis Edward Turnbull of Alberta

for their ancestor:
John James Turnbull, who resided in Halifax County, Nova Scotia in 1854.

Betty Ann Landsburg Filius, of Montana, USA
Alexander Charles Landsburg, of Maryland, USA
James Michael Naser, of Pennsylvania, USA
Lori Ann Landsburg Naser, of Pennsylvania, USA
Lydia Marie Naser, of Pennsylvania, USA
for their ancestor:
Johann Georg von Landesburg, who resided in Halifax County in 1809.