Free Databases

The following files are provided free to the public:
Index to records of the Halifax Funeral Home

This index of 6,185 records of the Halifax Funeral Home, covering the period from May 1939 to May 1969, is available in two formats, HTML and PDF:

Index to Vital Stats from "The Colonial Patriot" 1827-1834

Published Genealogies of Nova Scotia Families

The Nova Scotia Genealogist - NSG

A number of items from our publication are available for free viewing or download. These include the NSG Subject IndexSelected Reprints from past issues of the NSG and also the set of Genealogical Newsletters of the Genealogical Committee of the Nova Scotia Historical Society which run from February 1972 to Autumn 1982, some 40 in number. All this material can be seen listed with links on the Nova Scotia Genealogist page.