Brick Wall Busters (2015)

Our Sixth Annual "Brick Wall Busters" session was held on 12 November 2015.

Members were asked to submit Brick Wall Queries. Six queries were selected for Dr. Allan Marble, C.G.(C) and Virginia "Ginny" Clark, C.G.(C) to analyze and make suggestions for how to further the research and hopefully, break down the Brick Walls.
Responses are in the format of a PowerPoint Slide Show. A pdf copy of the presentation is also available to download.

Requestor: Carl Thresher
Query: Who was the father and mother of Robert Burbridge and what information can be provided on his father?

Requestor: Janet Charest
Query: Who is the wife of Newton Seymour Drysdale and who were his two children?

Requestor: Sandra Carlton
Query: Who was the father of James Thomas Langley and where was he from?

Requestor: James Kirby
Query: Is there any information available on the past of Thomas McKay?

Requestor: Jason Pemberton
Query: Is John Pemberton a descendant of Jeremiah Pemberton who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1782?

Requestor: Richard F. Welton
Query: Could Ezekiel and Bethel Welton be founding fathers of the Welton family of Nova Scotia?
For the answer watch the slide show* or download the pdf version or Video (you must sign in as a member to access this video)

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