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Records: 451 to 500 of 1045
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  CS 22 G779he CD/DVD Herring Cove to Pennant: Bald Rock, Ferguson's Cove, Herring Cove, Jollimore, Ketch Harbour, Pennant, Portuguese Cove, Purcell's Cove, Sambro, Spryfield Gray-LeBlanc, Linda
View Record  Member only access, Vol 36, 2017- Highland Family History Society Journal Highland Family History Society
View Record  CS 90 M123 Highland heritage and freedom's quest : three centuries of MacCarmaics in Ireland, Scotland, Prince Edward Island and West Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia MacCormack, John R.
View Record  FC 2350 .C4 D923 Highland settler : a portrait of the Scottish Gael in Nova Scotia Dunn, Charles W.
View Record  Member only access online Highlights of lecture on One-Name Studies Homans Chapman, Peggy
View Record  FF/Hinxman (Annapolis) Hinxman Gates, Barry
View Record  CS 90 B882 His land was his gold : John Browner and his descendants Godwin, Catherine Anne
View Record  FC 2349 .D3 P242 Historic Dartmouth : reflections of early life Parker, Mike
View Record  FC 2345 .D5 P242 Historic Digby Parker, Mike
View Record  FC 2345 .H35 S528 Historic Hants County Shand, Gwendolyn Vaughan
View Record  FC 2349 .L58 T86 Historic Liverpool Tupper, F.F.
View Record  FC 2346.52 E753 2004 Historic north end Halifax Erickson, Paul A.
View Record  FC 2349 .H37 2002 Historic Sackville Harvey, Robert Paton
View Record  FC 2345 .C6 M651 Historical and genealogical record of the first settlers of Colchester County Miller, Thomas
View Record  CS 90 B628 Historical record of the posterity of William Black, who settled in this country in the year seventeen hundred and seventy-five : also a sketch of 23 English families, and some early settlers from New England, who settled at the head of the Bay of Fundy about the same time Black, Cyrus, 1811?-1900
View Record  CS 90 T385 Histories of the ancestors of the Tate and Smith families Wilford, Agatha
View Record  Vol 15-17(10). 2015-2017. Historigram Yarmouth County Historical Society
View Record  FC 2345 .G8 G781 History along the Old Guysborough Road Gray, M. Noreen E. & Smith, Annie A.
View Record  CS 90 M172 History of a Macpherson family Hambleton, Margaret
View Record  FC 2345 .M31 1876 History of Antigonish County MacDonald, J.W.
View Record  FC 2345 .B37 C953 History of Barrington township and vicinity, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, 1604-1870 : with a biographical and genealogical appendix Crowell, Edwin
View Record  FC 2349 .D3 T824 v.1 History of Dartmouth and Halifax Harbour 1415 to 1800. Volume one Trider, Douglas William
View Record  FC 2349 .D3 T824 v.2 History of Dartmouth/district families and Halifax harbour 1800 to 1850. Volume two Trider, Douglas William
View Record  FC 2345 .I5 M137 History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia MacDougall, J.L.
View Record  FC 2345 .P5 M968 History of Lyon's Brook then and now, 1767-1992 Munro, Elda Beck and McInnes, Jennie Malcolm
View Record  FC 2349 .N48 L598 History of New Ross in the county of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Leopold, Caroline (Broome)
View Record  FC 2309 C187 History of Nova Scotia Campbell, G.G
View Record  FC 2345 .Q8 M835 History of Queens County, N.S. More, James F.
View Record  FC 2349 .P3 1973 History of Tatamagouche Patterson, Frank M.
View Record  CS 71 R545 History of the ancient Ryedales and their descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, and America : from 860 to 1884 Ridlon, G. T. (Gideon Tibbetts), 1841-1928
View Record  FC 2345 .A5 C164 1999 History of the county of Annapolis, Nova Scotia : including old Port Royal & Acadia Calnek, W. A. (William Arthur), 1822-1892.
View Record  FC 2345 .A5 S265 History of the county of Annapolis, Nova Scotia : supplement, correcting and supplying omissions in the original volume Savary, A. W. (Alfred William), 1831-1920.
View Record  FC 2345 .G8 H325 History of the county of Guysborough, Nova Scotia Hart, Harriet Cunningham
View Record  FC 2345 .L8 D444 History of the county of Lunenburg DesBrisay, Mather B. (Mather Byles), 1828-1896.
View Record  FC 2345 .P5 P317 History of the county of Pictou, Nova Scotia Patterson, George Geddie, 1864-1951
View Record  FC 2345 .Y3 C187 History of the county of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Campbell, J. R. 1841-1926. (John Roy),
View Record  BX 7653 .D3 T824 History of the Dartmouth Quakers Trider, Douglas William
View Record  BX 5617 H646 History of the ladies groups of the Onslow Congregation as presented June 5th, 1988 at the dedication of the first memorial window in the Onslow United Church Hill, Leta L.
View Record  FC 2345 .H34 L425 History of the townships of Dartmouth, Preston and Lawrencetown Lawson, William, Mrs., 1828-1890.
View Record  VK 1527 H173 History, Nova Scotia ports, 1731-1934 Halifax Pilotage Authority
View Record  CS 90 H728 Holdsworths: a history of some branches of the Holdsworth family in England, Canada, Australia, and America Waldram, Eric Holdsworth
View Record  Member only access online Homes for special care: province of Nova Scotia Parks-Hubley, Joan
View Record  Member access online How to research your ancestor's criminal past Schneider, Stephen
View Record  CS 90 .M117 1996 Hubbard Family of Nova Scotia Maccauley, Sheila Hubbard
View Record  CS 432 C976 Huguenot ancestry Currer-Briggs, Noel & Gambier, Royston
View Record  CS 432 F212 Huguenots and New Brunswick Fanjoy, Emery M.
View Record  CS 90 H971 1993 Huskins family : 1750-1993 Davidson, Muriel M. Farquhar
View Record  CS 90 H971 1990 Huskins family : 1760-1990 Davidson, Muriel M. Farquhar
View Record  FC 2306.2 H975 Hutchinson's Nova Scotia Directory ... containing alphabetical directories of each place in the province, with a post office directory and an appendix containing much useful information.
View Record  VF/Halifax Explosion I lived through the Halifax Explosion 1917 Benedict, Elsie L.
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Records: 451 to 500 of 1045