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View Record  CS 90 P844 The Porter family of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia : descendants of John & Mary Porter of Salem and Hingham, Massachusetts who settled as planters in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia after 1761, and following generations to 2009 Sorensen, Ann
View Record  CS 88 P928m The Presbyterian witness and evangelical advocate : vital statistics, 1848-1887 McCormick, A. James and McCormick, L. Shirley.
View Record  CS 88 P928mr The Presbyterian witness and evangelical advocate, Halifax, N.S. : vital statistics, 1888-1908 : surnames McCormick, A. James and McCormick, L. Shirley.
View Record  LB 3618 H699 The reunion planner : the step-by-step guide designed designed to make your reunion a social and financial success! Hoffman, Linda Johnson & Barnett, Neal
View Record  FC 2345 .B59 Z77 The rooster crows at dawn: my eighty years in the Nova Scotia village of Blandford Zinck, Lee
View Record  CS 55 B789 The royal descents of 500 immigrants to the American colonies or the United States : who were themselves notable or left descendants notable in American history Roberts, Gary Boyd
View Record  FC 2349 .D3 M381 The story of Dartmouth Martin, John Patrick
View Record  CS 90 R733 The story of the Rev. Duncan Ross : pioneer minister in Pictou, Nova Scotia : with a genealogy of some of his descendants Haliburton, Gordon MacKay
View Record  FC 2349 .T75 F487 The streets of Truro : location and origin of names Fillmore, Charles L.
View Record  CS 90 S966 The Sutherlands and Westchester, Nova Scotia Sutherland, Conn Harkness
View Record  CS 90 T221 The Tattrie family of River John Nova Scotia : the descendants of Louis Tattrie of Louisville : genealogical record Haliburton, Gordon M.
View Record  FF/Mulcahy (Halifax) The Thomas Mulcahy legacy : the first three generations, Thomas Mulcahy (1799-1862), John Mulcahy (1829-1864), Michael Mulcahy (1856-1939) Mulcahy, Thomas R.
View Record  CS 71 T581 The Tilson genealogy, from Edmond Tilson at Plymouth, N.E., 1638 to 1911 : with brief sketches of the family in England back to 1066 ; also brief account to Waterman, Murdock, Bartlett, Turner, Winslow, Sturtevant, Keith and Parris families, allied with the parents of the author Tilson, Mercer V.
View Record  FC 2346.4 B618 The town that died : the story of the greatest man-made explosion before Hiroshima Bird, Michael J.
View Record  FC 2345 .W34 B878 The valley of the Remsheg : a history of Wallace Bay and a genealogical record of the descendants of six founding families Brown, Harry R., 1889-1979
View Record  CS 90 V317 The Varners of Nova Scotia : the descendants of John Michael Verner Varner, Lloyd, Vermeulen, Deborah, & MacNutt, Tracey
View Record  FC 2345 .W35 C594 The village of Walton : a history Clark, Reginald C.E.
View Record  CS 71 V769 1998 The Vincent family : descendants of Charles Vincent of Yonkers and descendants of Adriaen Vincent of New Amsterdam Vincent, Sheridan Eugene
View Record  CS 71 W344 The Watt line : a short history of the Watts of Orkney, Arbroath, and Gamrie, and related families Watt, Flora Euphemia
View Record  FC 2495 .C56 W357 The way we were,1908 : Calais, St. Stephen, Woodland, Eastport, Campobello, St. Andrews.
View Record  CS 90 C886y The young emigrants and Craigs of the Magaguadavic : the 84th Regiment (Royal Highland Emigrants) Craig, Calvin Lee
View Record  CS 90 M122 Their light shines on: a Graham-Waggoner & Comeau-Hersey union of Digby County, Nova Scotia McCallister, C. Joy
View Record  FC 2025.5 B618 These are the Maritimes Bird, Will R.
View Record  CS 90 B787 They came to the Valley : the Bowlby's [sic] of Nova Scotia, also, the Thomas Bowlby (8) branch Bowlby, Ewart Donald
View Record  FC 2032 T421 They planted well : New England Planters in Maritime Canada Conrad, Margaret, ed.
View Record  Member only access online Thibodeau Village. Community engagement, archaeology, and the discovery of an Acadian past in a Nova Scotia planter landscape Beanlands, Sara
View Record  FC 2317.4 B618 This is Nova Scotia Bird, Will R.
View Record  FC 2349 .W38 C592 This is Waverley, Nova Scotia Clark, Ida B.
View Record  FC 2321.4 M158 This unfriendly soil : the loyalist experience in Nova Scotia, 1783-1791 MacKinnon, Neil
View Record  FF/Davis (Queens) Thomas Davis Davidson, Muriel M.
View Record  CS 71 P616 Thomas Pierce : his descendants in North America Milberg, Ronald Pierce
View Record  FC 2322.1 S257 Three premiers of Nova Scotia : the Hon. J. W. Johnstone, the Hon. Joseph Howe, the Hon. Charles Tupper Saunders, Edward Manning, 1829-1916.
View Record  HQ 1909 P326 Through the years : the Women's Institute story, a history of W.I.N.S., 1913-1979 Pauley, Pam.
View Record  FF/Merrick (Ontario) Through unexpected doors : a biographical sketch of Earl Chauncey Merrick Gammon, Bruce
View Record  CS 9 D733 Time traveller's handbook: a guide to the past Douglas, Althea
View Record  Member access only online Tips on researching Mi'kmaw ancestry Awalt, Don (Byrd)
View Record  FC 2317.4 L857 To Nova Scotia : the sunrise province of Canada Longstreth, T. Morris
View Record  CS 22 O59 Tombstone & monumental inscriptions in the cemetaries [sic] of the united communities of Voglers Cove, Cherry Hill & Broad Cove Onslow, W.R.
View Record  CS 83 D733t Tools of the trade for Canadian genealogy : a guide for family historians researching in Canada Douglas, Althea
View Record  G 3433 C561h Topographical township map of Hants County, Nova Scotia, 1871 Church, A. F. (Ambrose F.)
View Record  G 3433 C561k Topographical township map of Kings county, Nova Scotia from actual surveys made, drawn & engraved by and under the direction of A.F. Church. Church, A. F. (Ambrose F.)
View Record  CS 88 E92k Township books, Kings County, Nova Scotia : Aylesford, Cornwallis, Horton Evans, Lorna Woodman
View Record  CS 88 M876 Tracing your ancestors in Nova Scotia Morris, Julie
View Record  FC 2349 .T75 S832 Truro : a railway town Stephens, David E.
View Record  FC 2349 .T75 T872 Truro: our enduring past Truro Inventory Committee
View Record  FC 2349 .T75 T872 v.2 Truro: our enduring past, Vol. II Truro Inventory Committee and Truro Heritage Advisory Committee
View Record  FF/Tufts (Halifax) Tufts family connection
View Record  DA 990 W879 Ulster Scots and Blandford scouts Wood, Sumner Gilbert, 1855-1942
View Record  FC 2349 .L85 P715 Understanding Lunenburg's architecture Plaskett, Bill
View Record  FC 3070 M636 United Empire Loyalists, pioneers of Upper Canada Mika, Nick & Mika, Helma
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Records: 751 to 800 of 843