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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  CS 47 C948 Unpuzzling your past : the best-selling basic guide to genealogy, 4th ed. Croome, Emily Anne
View Record  CS 90 C324s Unto the hills Carter, Rose Sutherland
View Record  SB 363.2 H984 Valley gold : the story of the apple industry in Nova Scotia Hutten, Anne
View Record  VK 1140 M657 Vanishing lights Mills, Chris
View Record  CS 90 V495 Verge: a family history of two brothers : Foster Wellington Verge, George Harlow Verge Kinsman, Gordon B.
View Record  FC 241 R888v Veterans' service recognition booklet Royal Canadian Legion. Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command.
View Record  F 225 B665 Virginia's Colonial soldiers Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt
View Record  CS 88 M67 Vital statistic abstracts from the Christian Messenger : a Baptist newspaper for Annapolis & Digby counties, Nova Scotia, 1837 to 1884 Morgan, Wayne and Beeson, Pam.
View Record  CS 88 M176 2008 Vital statistics from Cape Breton newspapers. 1901-1912 Macvicar, Wayne
View Record  CS 88 M176 2010 Vital statistics from Cape Breton newspapers. 1913-1922 Macvicar, Wayne
View Record  CS 88 M176 2012 Vital statistics from Cape Breton newspapers. 1923-1932 Macvicar, Wayne
View Record  Member online access online Vital statistics from Halifax newspapers. January, 1859
View Record  CS 88 L429 Vital statistics from Harris Jenks' journal : 2000 births, marriages and deaths in Diligent River and around the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia Layton, Jack F.
View Record  Public access online Vital statistics from Kings Co. newspapers, 1866-1899 Parker, John
View Record  Public access online Vital statistics from the Colonial Patriot (Pictou) December 1827-May 1834 MacPherson, Roger
View Record  FF/Lawrence (Hants) W.D. Lawrence : the man and the ship Stephens, David E.
View Record  FF/Murray (Pictou) Walter Murray descendants Dunbar, William
View Record  FC 241 R888w War service recognition booklet Royal Canadian Legion. Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command.
View Record  CS 71 R495w We sought the wilderness Rice, Claton S.
View Record  E 99 P324 We were not the savages : a Micmac perspective on the collision of European and Aboriginal civilizations Paul, Daniel N.
View Record  CT 103 W385 Webster's biographical dictionary; a dictionary of names of noteworthy persons with pronunciations and concise biographies.
View Record  CS 453 R883 Welsh family history : a guide to research Rowlands, John
View Record  FC 2345 .H35 L495 West Gore to 1950 Lefton, Gwen
View Record  FC 2346.8 W516 West House Brunswick Street Halifax Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia. Brunswick Street Committee
View Record  FC 2345 .L8 K14 Western Shore, Gold River, Martins Point Kaizer, Willa J.
View Record  FC 2500 M978 Whence they came : Irish origins from pre 1900 New Brunswick death notices Murphy, Peter D.
View Record  FC 2345 .H3 H331 Where broad Atlantic surges roll : a history of Beaver Harbour, Port Dufferin, Quoddy, Harrigan Cove, Moose Head, Moser River, Necum Teuch, and Ecum Secum Hartling, Philip L.
View Record  FC 2345 .G8 F325 White Head Harbour, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia : its stories, history, and families Feltmate, Peggy
View Record  HC 118 .D37 C466 White shirts with blue collars : industry in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 1785-1995 Chapman, Harry
View Record  CS 16 H656 Who do you think you are? : digging for your family roots Hilton, Suzanne
View Record  FF/Wildman (Halifax) Wildman, William Fralic-Brown, Janice
View Record  CS 90 J71 CD/DVD William Johnson of Digby Neck [videorecording (DVD)] : (This & that from here & there). Fevens, Douglas
View Record  CD 3648 W744 Wilmot parish records of Holy Trinity, Wilmot, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
View Record  CS 88 W744 Wilmot town records [Manuscript Group 14, B11 (17)
View Record  FF/Wilson (Cape Breton) Wilson Wilson, John A.C.
View Record  CS 90 S849 Windsong : the ancestry of Evans Stewart & Mary Margaret Brown Swaine, Karen Stewart
View Record  LE 5 W766 Windsor Academy reunion, 1945-1950
View Record  FC 2349 .W5 L863 Windsor, Nova Scotia: a journey in history Loomer, L.S.
View Record  SD 146 P242 Woodchips & beans : life in the early lumber woods of Nova Scotia Parker, Mike
View Record  FF/Pineo (Annapolis) Woodlands : the story of a one-time home on the banks of the Annapolis river Johnston, Marion H.
View Record  Member only access online Yarmouth pioneers Punch, Terrence M.
View Record  CS 90 T781y Yorkshire settlers to Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Traves, Lucy, comp.
View Record  FF/Young (Lunenburg) Young family mariners of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia Potter, R. Richard
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Records: 801 to 843 of 843