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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  FC 2321.25 C951 Acadians and the New England Planters Cross, Leora C. (Webster), 1880-1964
View Record  VF/Acadians - Nova Scotia Acadians at home 1765 Pothier, Frank J.
View Record  NSG 1988 Vol 6(1) Spring:20-21 Acadians of Clare, 1808 Punch, Terrence M., CG(C)
View Record  FC 2350.5 R826 1992 Acadians of Nova Scotia : past and present Ross, Sally & Alphonse Deveau
View Record  CIRC FC 2350.5 R826 1992 Acadians of Nova Scotia : past and present Ross, Sally & Alphonse Deveau
View Record  FC 1038 .R84 1891 Acadie and the Acadians Roth, D. Luther
View Record  Journals/Acadiensis Acadiensis : A quarterly devoted to the interests of the Maritime Provinces of Canada Jack, David Russell, -1913.
View Record  Journals/Acadiensis Acadiensis : Journal of the history of the Atlantic Region University of New Brunswick. Dept. of History
View Record  NSG 1998 Vol 16(2) Summer:79-83 Access to Post-1901 Census Information Harvie, leland
View Record  NSG 2006 V0l 24(1) Spring:21-22 Account of Anthony Henry For Building Sackville Bridge, Between 25 August 1793 & 1 January 1794 Punch, Terrence M. CG(C)
View Record  VF/Spurr - Ackles Family Ackles Family
View Record  DA 757 S35 1986 4th ser. v.22 Acts of the Lords of the Isles, 1336-1493 Munro, Jean & R. W. (Robert William) Munro
View Record  FF/Spicer (Hants) Ada Spicer Smith Maguire, Kaethe
View Record  FF/Adams - Lunenburg County Adams Family of Lunenburg County Kaiser, Willa, Compiler
View Record  FF/Adey (Halifax) Adey Family [of Nova Scotia & UK connections] Deeley, Valerie [UK]
View Record  CS 435 N4 L67 1980 pt. 2 Administrations and inventories of the Archdeaconry of Northampton : Part II, 1711-1800 (now preserved in the County Record Office at Northampton)
View Record  Member only access online Advocate Cemetery Cumberland County 1810-2010 Taylor, R. Scott
View Record  NA 7242 N69 A33 1999 Affairs with old houses : personal stories about preserving heritage houses in Nova Scotia Lotz, Pat, 1930-
View Record  Journals/AFG AFG News American French Genealogical Society
View Record  VF/History - Halifax County Africville : a spirit that lives on Mount Saint Vincent University. Art Gallery. Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia. Africville Genealogy Society.
View Record  FC 2350 .S3 C35 2004 After the Hector: The Scottish pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton 1773-1852 Campey, Lucille H.
View Record  VM 27 A737 Age of sail in Annapolis County, 1760-1925 Armstrong, Peggy & Wagner, Marguerite
View Record  DA 803.7 M3 S919 1980 Alasdair MacColla and the Highland problem in the seventeenth century Stevenson, David, 1942-
View Record  CS 90 H716 Alexander & Agness Hogg and their descendants : a Hogg family of Nova Scotia Smith, Eleanor Robertson
View Record  CS 90 Y68 2010 Alexander and Mary Young Mesetovic, Linda
View Record  VF/History - Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell
View Record  FF/Pembroke - Canso Alexander Pembroke of Canso Query Research Services
View Record  FF/Stewart - Cumberland Co. Alexander Stewart ancestry of Cumberland County Query Research Services
View Record  LA 2325 .C5 1981 Alice of Grand Pre : Alice T. Shaw and her Grand Pre Seminary : female education in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Davison, James Doyle
View Record  CS 88 .M3 1979 All call Iona home: 1800 to 1950 MacNeil, S.R.
View Record  NSG 1998 Vol 16(3) Fall:181-188 All Male Campbells in Canada in 1881-82 Lollis, Edward W., Beltsville, Maryland
View Record  LE 3 .D48 1972 All the king's men: the story of a colonial university DeWolf, Mark and George Flie
View Record  NSG 1988 Vol 6(1) Spring:18 Along the Eastern Shore, 1819 & 1845 Punch, Terrence M., CG(C)
View Record  FC 2345 .J4 1982 Along the shore Jennex, Helen M. and Grace Forsythe
View Record  FC 2345 .D48 1977 Along the shores of Saint Mary's Bay: the story of a unique community Deveau, J. Alphonse
View Record  Journals/American Ancestors American Ancestors New England Historic Genealogical Society
View Record  Z 5311 .F55 1983 American and British genealogy and heraldry Filby, P. William
View Record  Z 5311 .F55 1987 Suppl. American and British genealogy and heraldry: Supplement Filby, P. william
View Record  E 511.3 J66 American Civil War : the service records of Atlantic Canadians with the state of Maine volunteers Johnson, Daniel F.
View Record  E 277 C624 1980 American loyalist claims Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  CS 68 .C5 1967 American marriage records before 1699 Clemens, William Montgomery (ed.)
View Record  E 277 .C65 2000 American migrations 1765 - 1799 Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  CS 49 .T46 1999 American passenger arrival records: a guide to the records of immigrants arriving at American ports by sail and steam Tepper, Michael
View Record  FF/Pushee (Antigonish) American pioneers in Antigonish: Pushee, Williams, Hulbert Cameron, James M.
View Record  NSG 1988 Vol 6(1) Spring:28-31 American POW's at Halifax, July 1812 Punch, Terrence M., CG(C)
View Record  NK 7113 L3 1970 American silversmiths in British North America : 1776-1800 Langdon, John E.
View Record  CS 2485 .S65 1994 American surnames Smith, Elsdon C.
View Record  Vol 40-Vol 41(1). 2014-2015. American-Canadian Genealogist American-Canadian Genealogical Society
View Record  VF/Emigration - N. America to Australia Americans and Canadians down under 1800-1900 Taylor, Kath
View Record  NSG 1989 Vol 7(1) Spring:15 Americans in the Twenty-Fifth Battalion, C.E.F. 1914-1916 Punch, Terrence M., Halifax NS
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Records: 251 to 300 of 4580