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Records: 351 to 400 of 1445
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  FF/Jollymore (Lunenburg) Descendants of Pierre Jolimois Gibson, Gail
View Record  FF/Shea (Halifax) Descendants of Richard Shea of Ireland and Halifax, NS Cochrane, Douglas
View Record  FF/Gay (Halifax) Descendants of Robert Ansel Gay Gibson, Gail
View Record  FF/Tufts (Halifax) Descendants of Samuel Cutter Gibson, Gail
View Record  FF/Marsh (Halifax) Descendants of Thomas Allan Marsh Gibson, Gail
View Record  CS 90 B839 Descendants of Thomas Brenton of Nova Scotia Brenton, Chester F.
View Record  FF/Locke (Shelburne) Descendants of Thomas Locke Gibson, Gail
View Record  FF/Covel (Shelburne) Descendants of Timothy Covel Gibson, Gail
View Record  CS 90 H878 Descendants of Ulrich Hubley of Nova Scotia Crowther, Robert H.
View Record  FF/Murray/Pictou County Descendants of Walter and James Murray of Sutherlandshire, Scotland
View Record  CS 90 E14d Descendants of Ward Eaton (John6, David5, James4, Jonathan3, Thomas2, John1) : a supplement to the Eaton family of Nova Scotia by A.W.H. Eaton - 1929 Eaton, Ernest L.
View Record  FF/Kendrick (Shelburne) Descendants of Warren Anson Kendrick Gibson, Gail
View Record  FF/Doane (Shelburne) Descendants of William Meyrick Gibson, Gail
View Record  CS 71 M898 Descendants of William Moseley, 1605/1606-1655 of Norfolk, Va. Forsythe, Warren Louis.
View Record  FF/Nickerson (Shelburne) Descendants of William Nickerson Gibson, Gail
View Record  Member only access, Vol 45, 2015- Descent: The journal of the Society of Australian Genealogists. Society of Australian Genealogists
View Record  FF/Irvine (Annapolis) Determining the immigrant ancestral home Irvine, W. Harland
View Record  FF/Deveau (Nova Scotia) Deveau Family of Nova Scotia booklet Deveau, J. Alphonse
View Record  DA 670 D499s Devon churches, vol. II : Okehampton, Hatherleigh, and North Dartmoor Spurr, David
View Record  DA 670 D499 Devon inventories of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Cash, Margaret, ed.
View Record  DA 670 D499m Devon monastic lands : calendar of particulars for grants, 1536 - 1558 Youings, Joyce, ed.
View Record  FC 2322.1 B68 1990 Diary of a Frenchman: Francois Lambert Bourneuf's adventures from France to Acadia 1787 - 1871 Bourneuf, Francois Lambert
View Record  FC 2345 .S27 D491 Diary of Cecile Murat: a story of Saint Mary's Bay from 1795 to 1825 Deveau, J. Alphonse
View Record  FF/Schmitt (Lunenburg) Diary of Johann Michael Schmitt
View Record  CS 89 W588 Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes White, Stephen A.
View Record  NSG 2018 Vol 36(1) Spring:7-15 Digby's Loyalist Burying Ground McConnell, Brian
View Record  CD 3645 .N4 D598 1993 Directory of archival holdings in Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archivists
View Record  E 184.S3 D635d Directory of Scots banished to the American plantations, 1650-1775 Dobson, David
View Record  FF/Hammett (Queens Co.) Documents provided in support of a Nova Scotia Ancestors application/Descendants of George Hammett
View Record  FF/Bain (Pictou County) Documents provided in support of an application for Nova Scotia Ancestors certificate/descendants of Thomas Middleton Bain
View Record  DA 670 D668 Domesday Book : a survey of the counties of England : v. 3. Surrey Morris, John, ed.
View Record  FC 2346 H646 Domestic life in early Halifax Hill, George W.(George William),1824-1906.
View Record  CS 90 .C36 1987 Donald Campbell, Duncan Campbell and "Coach" Sutherlands : Sutherlandshire to Pictou County Campbell, Joan Bourque
View Record  FC 2043.5 B618 Done at Grand Pré Bird, Will R.
View Record  FC 2317.5 M864 CD/DVD Down north and up along Morley, Margaret Warner, 1858-1923
View Record  FC 2317.5 C619 Down Nova Scotia way Clayton, Hazel M.
View Record  FF/Landesburg/Halifax County Dr. Johann Georg von Landesburg from Hanover, Germany resident in Halifax County 1809 and descendants of his son William Alexander Landsburg
View Record  CS 88 M143 Drummer on foot MacFarlane, D. & MacLean, R.A.
View Record  CS 90 D877 Dukeshire-Dukeshier genealogy : descendants of Georg Josef Tuchscherer and Mary White, 1787 to 1993 Dukeshire, Robert Edward
View Record  CS 90 M713 Dunning, Dundee and Dartmouth : a Moir story Moir, Robert Gordon
View Record  FF/Dyer/Miller Stewiacke, NS Dyer, Phyllis Pauline
View Record  HV 6433 L333 Dynamite fiend : the chilling story of Alexander Keith Jr., Nova Scotian spy, con-artist & international terrorist Larabee, Ann
View Record  CS 71 E11 Eagles families of North America Eagles, Douglas Eaton
View Record  CS 88 .H685 1992 Early Cape Breton newspapers: vital statistics and items Howard, Mildred (compiler)
View Record  CS 90 C886e Early families of "The Mackadavy" : settlers before, during, and following the Loyalist period, Magaguadavic Valley, Parish of St. George, Southwestern New Brunswick, Canada Craig, Calvin Lee
View Record  CS 88 .N43 W66 1986 Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick Wood-Holt, B.
View Record  CS 88 .H35 1989 Early New Brunswick probate records, 1785-1835 Hale, R. Wallace
View Record  CS88 O6 C75 1993 Early Ontario settlers : a source book Crowder, Norman Kenneth
View Record  F 148 .F5 1947 Early Pennsylvania Births, 1675-1875 Fisher, Charles A.
View Record  Public access online Early Pictou County marriages McKay, Karen E.
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Records: 351 to 400 of 1445