Board of Directors
Tim Douglas Gay, President
Janice Fralic-Brown, V.P. & Secretary
Vacant, Treasurer
Greg Aylard, Director
Joseph Ballard, Director
Barbara Ann Borden, Director
Nancy Bowie, Director
Tracey DeAdder, Director
Wanda Evans, Director
Pamela Wile, Director
The Directors of the Association are elected by members present at the Annual Meeting each year.  The Annual Meeting is typically held in May or June. The Directors are divided into Series "A' and Series "B" Directors, with offsetting two-year terms.  This provides some continuity to the Board from one election to the next as only half of the Board is up for election in any one year.  The three officers are elected from among the Directors each year by the Board.
Further details about procedures, terms of office, and the like, can be found in the By-Laws of the Association.