Other Heritage Societies
Formed in 1878, the Society has maintained the most important research journal on Nova Scotia's history since then.  The Society holds monthly lectures from September to May, and these lectures are often converted to papers in the annual journal.
This organization is centrally concerned with built heritage.  Their Board has regional representation from around the province, and they try hard to conduct educational programs throughout the rural districts.
A number of provinces in Canada have unitary organizations in genealogy, with a central organization and branches around the province.  This is not the case in Nova Scotia where many communities set up historical societies and local museums to celebrate their own history.  Most of these organizations are involved in genealogical work in their community.  GANS highlights these organizations in its bi-monthly newsletter, one organization each issue.
Established in 1983 by some of the leading genealogists in the Maritimes, the Institute is devoted to the certification and registration of persons undertaking genealogical research for the public.  They do not provide any training programs, but maintain rigorous standards for certification.  They have a good video on the homepage with Allan Marble talking about the history and purpose of the Institute.