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View Record  FF/MacNeil (Nova Scotia & Barra) 'It's like a puzzle': Hobby genealogist assists others in Gaelic cultural practice of family tree research. [MacNeil] Fegan, Heather
View Record  VF/History - Halifax City "A" Class Halifax Academy 1940
View Record  CS 90 C814 "Did some choaring forenoon" : the diaries of Charles Harris Burgess, Cheverie, Hants County, Nova Scotia 1884-1907 Cornell, Esther T.
View Record  NSG 1983 Vol 1(2) Summer:50-55 "Mc" Loyalists McMinn, McMane, M'Minn Payzant, Joan M.
View Record  FC 2349 .P37 P222 "Paradis Terrestre" : history of the village of Paradise, Nova Scotia Paradise Woman's Institute
View Record  CS 412 G954 "Seven pillars of wisdom" : the art of one-name studies Guild of One-Name Studies
View Record  VF/Militia -- Annapolis County "The Annapolis Regiments" of Nova Scotia : the officers, NCOs and men of the 69th and 72nd Battalions of Infantry Volunteer Militia, 1867-1914 Walker, Wayne W.
View Record  FC 2349 .P67 1976 "The Port" remembers :the history of Port Williams and its century homes Port Williams Womens Institute
View Record  FF/Rhodes (Annapolis) [Abraham Rhodes : Brick Wall query] Smith, Barbara A. (Massachusetts)
View Record  FF/McKenzie (Pictou) [Angus McKenzie headstone transcription]
View Record  FF/Lovett (Halifax) [Arthur Lovett family bible pages and family portraits] Emerson, David
View Record  FF/Beckwith (Kings?) [Beckwith Family Bible pages]
View Record  FF/Benjamin (Kings) [Benjamin Brick Wall] Loughman, Sandy
View Record  FF/Smith (Shelburne) [Bernard Russell Smith 10 generation ancestral chart and index] Gibson, Gail
View Record  FF/Bourque (NB) [Bourque family] Spurr, Vernon
View Record  FF/Carroll (Halifax) [Carroll [Halifax Co.] obituaries]
View Record  FF/Chase (Lunenburg) [Chase Family Bible pages]
View Record  CS 71 C541 1981 [Chipman, Fisher, Miller, Morse, Parker research notes] Robinson, Chester G.
View Record  FF/Chute (Colchester) [Chute Family Bible pages]
View Record  FF/Clarke (NS/USA) [Clarke Family (including Mason, deMolitor families)] Clarke, Bruce (Williamsville, NY)
View Record  FF/Hupman (Lunenburg) [Corrections to Hupman (Hauptman) Family Data in Queens County] Davidson, Muriel M.
View Record  FF/Bishop (Halifax) [Descendants of John Bishop, Falkirk, Scotland] Fralic-Brown, Janice
View Record  FF/Green (Halifax) [Edward Green, Hammonds Plains, Halifax Co.] Gottinger, Heather
View Record  FF/Feetham (Halifax) [Feetham query, Halifax, NS] Gaetan, Marion (Feetham)
View Record  FF/McIntosh (Queens) [Finlay/Finley McIntosh family] Davidson, Muriel M.
View Record  FF/Hogg (Colchester) [Hogg & Pollock family notes] Stewart, Eva and Mombourquette, Alice
View Record  FF/Hollett (Halifax) [Hollett Family Bible pages ]
View Record  FF/Bidgood (Canada) [Index of Bidgoods in Canada 1831-2012] Bidgood, Donald
View Record  CS 90 B816 1993i [Index to Letters addressed to James Brander of Shinimicas River (now Northport, Cumberland County) in the 1800s] Brander, Bob
View Record  FF/Simpson (Halifax) [James Simpson's 1740 indenture as apprentice for six years to Samuel Chambers, Linnen Weaver, and 1758 certificate of membership in Friendly Society, Halifax.
View Record  FF/McDonald (Pictou) [John McDonald (1824) and Deborah Miller (1831)] Dunbar, William
View Record  FF/LeBlanc (Digby) [LeBlanc family obituaries]
View Record  FF/Leonard (Halifax) [Leonard family of Musquodoboit and Truro] Fralic-Brown, Janice
View Record  CS 90 B816 1993 [Letters addressed to James Brander of Shinimicas River (now Northport, Cumberland County) in the 1800s] Brander, Bob
View Record  FF/McGrath (Richmond) [McGrath Brick Wall] McGrath, John
View Record  FF/Munro (Colchester) [Munro Clan : Scotland to Nova Scotia 1690-1815] Heath, Douglas Henry Munro
View Record  FF/Irvine (Annapolis) [Pedigree charts] Irvine, W. Harland
View Record  FF/Robertson (Shelburne) [Robertson brothers : Loyalist printers] and 'Descendants of Corporal John Robertson and Margaret Hauptman'. Jennings, Ruth
View Record  FF/Armstrong (Annapolis) [Source Notes on Rev. George Armstrong 1815-1886 - from County Tipperary, Ireland to Newfoundland to Cape Breton to Annapolis]
View Record  FF/Steele (Kings) [Steele family bible pages]
View Record  FF/Wilson (Colchester) [Two William Wilsons or one?] - Query/Brickwall Wilson, John D. and Wilson, James F.
View Record  FF/Willett (NS/Quebec) [Willetts] United Empire Loyalists - from Bucks County, PA, to Nova Scotia & to New Richmond Quebec Willett, Albert J.
View Record  FF/Turner (Lunenburg) [William Turner of Chester Grant, Lunenburg] Gunn, Holly
View Record  FF/Wynn (Cumberland) [Wynn Brick Wall] Northan, Barbara
View Record  CS 14 F198 101 brick wall busters : solutions to overcome your genealogical challenges Family tree magazine (Cincinnati, Ohio)
View Record  NSG 2003 Vol 21(1) Spring:18-29 106th Overseas Battalion C.E.F. Nova Scotia Rifles -1916 Conrad, Dave Victoria BC
View Record  VF/Cemeteries - Cape Breton Island 12 Cape Breton Island Cemeteries Lewis Ruth (copied by)
View Record  NSG 2004 Vol 22(1) Spring:15-19 1698 Acadian Census at Port Royal
View Record  NSG 1992 Vol 10(1) Spring:24-25 1794 Poll Tax Rolls for Tracadie, Pomquet & Harvre Boucher, Sydney (Now Antigonish) County, NS Ferguson, Mary (DeLorey)
View Record  Member only access online 1817 Census - Nova Scotia Stevens, Robert Kim
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Records: 1 to 50 of 3135