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View Record  FF/MacNeil (Nova Scotia & Barra) 'It's like a puzzle': Hobby genealogist assists others in Gaelic cultural practice of family tree research. [MacNeil] Fegan, Heather
View Record  VF/History - Halifax City "A" Class Halifax Academy 1940
View Record  CS 90 C814 "Did some choaring forenoon" : the diaries of Charles Harris Burgess, Cheverie, Hants County, Nova Scotia 1884-1907 Cornell, Esther T.
View Record  NSG 1983 Vol 1(2) Summer:50-55 "Mc" Loyalists McMinn, McMane, M'Minn Payzant, Joan M.
View Record  FC 2349 .P37 P222 "Paradis Terrestre" : history of the village of Paradise, Nova Scotia Paradise Woman's Institute
View Record  CS 412 G954 "Seven pillars of wisdom" : the art of one-name studies Guild of One-Name Studies
View Record  VF/Militia -- Annapolis County "The Annapolis Regiments" of Nova Scotia : the officers, NCOs and men of the 69th and 72nd Battalions of Infantry Volunteer Militia, 1867-1914 Walker, Wayne W.
View Record  FC 2349 .P67 1976 "The Port" remembers :the history of Port Williams and its century homes Port Williams Womens Institute
View Record  FF/Rhodes (Annapolis) [Abraham Rhodes : Brick Wall query] Smith, Barbara A. (Massachusetts)
View Record  FF/McKenzie (Pictou) [Angus McKenzie headstone transcription]
View Record  FF/Lovett (Halifax) [Arthur Lovett family bible pages and family portraits] Emerson, David
View Record  FF/Beckwith (Kings?) [Beckwith Family Bible pages]
View Record  FF/Benjamin (Kings) [Benjamin Brick Wall] Loughman, Sandy
View Record  FF/Smith (Shelburne) [Bernard Russell Smith 10 generation ancestral chart and index] Gibson, Gail
View Record  FF/Bourque (NB) [Bourque family] Spurr, Vernon
View Record  FF/Carroll (Halifax) [Carroll [Halifax Co.] obituaries]
View Record  FF/Chase (Lunenburg) [Chase Family Bible pages]
View Record  FF/Chute (Colchester) [Chute Family Bible pages]
View Record  FF/Clarke (NS/USA) [Clarke Family (including Mason, deMolitor families)] Clarke, Bruce (Williamsville, NY)
View Record  FF/Hupman (Lunenburg) [Corrections to Hupman (Hauptman) Family Data in Queens County] Davidson, Muriel M.
View Record  FF/Bishop (Halifax) [Descendants of John Bishop, Falkirk, Scotland] Fralic-Brown, Janice
View Record  FF/Green (Halifax) [Edward Green, Hammonds Plains, Halifax Co.] Gottinger, Heather
View Record  FF/Feetham (Halifax) [Feetham query, Halifax, NS] Gaetan, Marion (Feetham)
View Record  FF/McIntosh (Queens) [Finlay/Finley McIntosh family] Davidson, Muriel M.
View Record  FF/Hogg (Colchester) [Hogg & Pollock family notes] Stewart, Eva and Mombourquette, Alice
View Record  FF/Hollett (Halifax) [Hollett Family Bible pages ]
View Record  FF/Bidgood (Canada) [Index of Bidgoods in Canada 1831-2012] Bidgood, Donald
View Record  FF/Simpson (Halifax) [James Simpson's 1740 indenture as apprentice for six years to Samuel Chambers, Linnen Weaver, and 1758 certificate of membership in Friendly Society, Halifax.
View Record  FF/McDonald (Pictou) [John McDonald (1824) and Deborah Miller (1831)] Dunbar, William
View Record  FF/LeBlanc (Digby) [LeBlanc family obituaries]
View Record  FF/Leonard (Halifax) [Leonard family of Musquodoboit and Truro] Fralic-Brown, Janice
View Record  FF/McGrath (Richmond) [McGrath Brick Wall] McGrath, John
View Record  FF/Munro (Colchester) [Munro Clan : Scotland to Nova Scotia 1690-1815] Heath, Douglas Henry Munro
View Record  FF/Irvine (Annapolis) [Pedigree charts] Irvine, W. Harland
View Record  FF/Robertson (Shelburne) [Robertson brothers : Loyalist printers] and 'Descendants of Corporal John Robertson and Margaret Hauptman'. Jennings, Ruth
View Record  FF/Armstrong (Annapolis) [Source Notes on Rev. George Armstrong 1815-1886 - from County Tipperary, Ireland to Newfoundland to Cape Breton to Annapolis]
View Record  FF/Steele (Kings) [Steele family bible pages]
View Record  FF/Wilson (Colchester) [Two William Wilsons or one?] - Query/Brickwall Wilson, John D. and Wilson, James F.
View Record  FF/Willett (NS/Quebec) [Willetts] United Empire Loyalists - from Bucks County, PA, to Nova Scotia & to New Richmond Quebec Willett, Albert J.
View Record  FF/Turner (Lunenburg) [William Turner of Chester Grant, Lunenburg] Gunn, Holly
View Record  FF/Wynn (Cumberland) [Wynn Brick Wall] Northan, Barbara
View Record  CS 14 F198 101 brick wall busters : solutions to overcome your genealogical challenges Family tree magazine (Cincinnati, Ohio)
View Record  NSG 2003 Vol 21(1) Spring:18-29 106th Overseas Battalion C.E.F. Nova Scotia Rifles -1916 Conrad, Dave Victoria BC
View Record  VF/Cemeteries - Cape Breton Island 12 Cape Breton Island Cemeteries Lewis Ruth (copied by)
View Record  NSG 2004 Vol 22(1) Spring:15-19 1698 Acadian Census at Port Royal
View Record  NSG 1992 Vol 10(1) Spring:24-25 1794 Poll Tax Rolls for Tracadie, Pomquet & Harvre Boucher, Sydney (Now Antigonish) County, NS Ferguson, Mary (DeLorey)
View Record  Member only access online 1817 Census - Nova Scotia Stevens, Robert Kim
View Record  Member only access online 1827 Census of Nova Scotia Stevens, Robert Kim
View Record  E184 .K82 1989 1833 thru 1906, Palatine emigrants from Edenkoben (in Rhineland Pfalz, West Germany) to North America Kuby, Alfred Hans
View Record  CS 88 .A5 M153 1838 census index of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia McKay, Karen E.
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Records: 1 to 50 of 2994