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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  CS 88 .K628 1990 v.1 - v.2 1881 census of Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada Koen, Mary Elizabeth
View Record  CS 88 .K629 1992 v.1 - v.2 1891 census, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada Koen, Mary Elizabeth
View Record  UA 652 S37 R45 1993 18th century highlanders Reid, Stuart, 1954-
View Record  CS 88 C85 N55 2003 1905 vital statistics from the Amherst Daily News Perry, Phyllis, Susan Hill and Barbara Reid, compilers
View Record  CS 88 C85 N55 2008 1906 vital statistics from the Amherst Daily News Cumberland County Genealogical Society
View Record  CS 88 C85 N55 2015 1907 vital statistics from the Amherst Daily News Cumberland County Genealogical Society
View Record  CS 71 .D396 1963 Suppl. 1977 supplement to Denison genealogy of 1963 Peck, Josephine Middleton [et al] (eds)
View Record  VF/History - Halifax County 1985 Heritage Calendar - St. Margaret's Bay St. Margaret's Bay Business and Tourism Association
View Record  FF/Lovett (Nova Scotia) 19th century Lovett families of Nova Scotia Emerson, David
View Record  VF/History - Halifax City 200 years of art in Halifax : an exhibition prepared in honour of the Bicentenary of the founding of the City of Halifax, N.S., 1749-1949 Mowat, Alexander S. & Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.
View Record  CS 90 V769 46 acres, 5 hoggs, and a family... : some forebears and descendants of Charles Vincent of New York and New Annan, Nova Scotia, 1650-1986 Vincent, Gerald R.
View Record  FF/Saulnier 50 Years of Seafaring 1851-1901: Captain Augustin Mederic Saulnier Pothier, Evangeline R.
View Record  CS 16 F14 2003 500 Brickwall solutions to genealogy problems
View Record  CS 89 A512 550 Franco-American lineages from the research service of A.C.G.S. American-Canadian Genealogical Society
View Record  NSG 2001 Vol 19(3) Fall:154-161 85th Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders Memorial Kempton, Steven, Chairman NSHHS, Halifax NS
View Record  NSG 2000 Vol 18(2) Summer:77-80 A "Black Loyalist" in Cape Breton Fralic-Brown, Janice
View Record  NSG 1995 Vol 13(2) Summer:74 A Bad Nova Scotian Lizzie, of many Names, Arrested in Boston
View Record  Z 1250 .F54 1985 A bibliography of American county histories Filby, P. William
View Record  NSG 1998 Vol 16(1) Spring:35-36 A Biography of Captain Alexander Parks King, Nancy, Warwick RI
View Record  NSG 2011 Vol 29(1) Spring:9-12 A Bluenose Captain : Sketches of the Life of Michael Doyle, Master Mariner Wilson, John D.
View Record  DA 650 .A65 1980 A book of British villages: a guide to 700 of the most interesting and attractive villages in Britain Readers Digest Association (ed)
View Record  FC 2645 .W54 B75 1980 A bridge to the past : Wilmot Valley, 1784-1979 Wilmot Valley Historical Society
View Record  Z 6621 B43 B75 2002 A brief guide to the manuscript holdings at the Beaton Institute. Beaton Institute of Cape Breton Studies.
View Record  VF/History - Guysborough County A Brief History of Guysborough
View Record  FF/McKinnon (Scotland) A brief history of the Clan MacKinnon
View Record  BX 6446 .C2 M154 A brief history of the coloured Baptists of Nova Scotia, 1783-1895 McKerrow, Peter Evander, 1841-1906.
View Record  VF/History - Isle of Man A brief history of the Isle of Man Young, G.V.C.
View Record  External Electronic Resource A Brief history of the little Dutch church (St. George's), 1754 : souvenir.
View Record  VF/History - Lunenburg County A Brief History of the Town of Lunenburg
View Record  CS 71 .B84 1966 A Bullard family [manuscript]: including Fisher, Pond, Jones, Rockwood, Corey, Richmond, Chamberlain, Edson, Hathaway, Newton, etc. Bullard, Helen
View Record  CD 3645 N87 1936 A calendar of official correspondence and legislative papers, Nova Scotia, 1802-15. Ells, Margaret
View Record  CD 3645 N87 1940 A calendar of the White collection of manuscripts :in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia Ells, Margaret
View Record  VF/Heraldry - Canada A Canadian heraldic primer Greaves, Kevin
View Record  NSG 1997 Vol 15(2) Summer:69 A Catalogue of Caleb & Isabel Dodge Barr, Matilda, Natick Ma
View Record  Z 5313 .C22 N685 1984 A catalogue of published genealogies of Nova Scotia families Marble, Allan E.
View Record  VF/Religion - History A catalogue of the Maritime Baptist historical collection in the library of Acadia University The United Baptist Convention of the Maritime Provinces of Canada (compiled by)
View Record  CR 1656 D93 2014 A celebration of Scottish heraldry Duncan, John and Martin Goldstraw, eds.
View Record  VF/Churches - Halifax County A celebration on the occasion of the restoration of The Little Dutch Church (St. George's), Halifax, NS
View Record  VF/Cemeteries - General A Cemetery Survey - Teachers Manual Milligan, Betty Ann and Trask, Deborah
View Record  HA 1142 1659 A Census of Ireland, circa 1659 : with supplementary material from the poll money ordinances (1660-1661) Pender, Séamus
View Record  CS 71 .C541 1970 A Chipman genealogy, circa 1583-1969 : beginning with John Chipman (1620-1708), first of that surname to arrive in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and his twelve successive generations, today in Alaska, Australia, Canada, and the United States Chipman, John Hale,1896-1974
View Record  BX 8253 B37 P46 2002 A church and proud people : a portrait of a Nova Scotian community 1786-1925 Perry, Lillian Scott and Robert Malay.
View Record  VF/ Genealogy Resources - General A Collection of articles Collins, Kenneth F.
View Record  MCK DA 811 1748 Item 8 A collection of declarations, proclamations, and other valuable papers : published by authority at Edinburgh in the years 1745 and 1746, re-printed in the year 1748
View Record  D 640 M421 1998 A Collection of Letters from the Great War 1914 - 1918: written by Clarence A. McCann (dad) to his Father, Mother, Sister and Brother McCann, Clarence A., 1891 - 1947.
View Record  CR 492 F73 1978 A Complete Guide to Heraldry Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles, 1871-1928
View Record  E 184 S37 H6 1994 A dance called America : the Scottish Highlands, the United States, and Canada Hunter, James, 1948-
View Record  NSG 2023 Vol 41(1&2) Spring&Summer:24-40 A Deep Look into NSA Vital Statistics: Is Your Ancestor Trapped Inside? Carten, Richard
View Record  CS 2509 D48 S6 1958 A Dictionary of Devon Surnames Speigelhalter, C.
View Record  CS 2505 .B3 1901 A dictionary of English and Welsh surnames: with special American instances Bardsley, Charles Wareing
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Records: 51 to 100 of 4864