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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  NSG 2022 Vol 40(1) Spring: 16-22 A House, A Unique Family, and a Special Secret: Captain Anthony Coalfleet of Hantsport, Nova Scotia Robertson, Allen B.
View Record  DA 880 .M2 1995 A hundred years in the Highlands MacKenzie, Osgood Hanbury
View Record  VF/ Military History – Peninsular War A journal of the campaign in Portugal and Spain, containing remarks on the inhabitants, customs, trade, and cultivation, of those countries, from the year 1809 to 1812 Mackinnon, Henry, -1812
View Record  NSG 2017 Vol 35(2) Summer:82-84 A Kernel of Truth? Joseph Champion and the Halifax Explosion Dillon, Myles Auckland New Zealand
View Record  NSG 2007 Vol25(3) Fall:130-134 A Lady's Calling Card Tray Layton, Jack, Innisfail, AB
View Record  FF/LeBlanc A LeBlanc Family Y-DNA newsletter LeBlanc, Robert J.
View Record  NSG 1990 Vol 8(2) Summer:59-61 A Letter From the Isle of Skye-1853 MacPhee Doane, Jean, Halifax NS
View Record  VF/History - Halifax City A list of Cornwallis' settlers who didn't Bates, George T. (compiled by)
View Record  CS 61 .F6 1904 A list of emigrant ministers to America, 1690-1811 Fothergill, Gerald
View Record  E 187.5 G47 1988 A list of emigrants from England to America, 1682 - 1692 Ghirelli, Michael
View Record  E 187.5 K3 1989 A list of emigrants from England to America, 1718 - 1759 Kaminkow, Jack & Marion J. Kaminkow
View Record  External Electronic Resource A list of Micmac names of places, rivers, etc. in Nova Scotia Frame, Elizabeth
View Record  NSG 1983 Vol 1(2) Summer:58-60 A List of the British Legion and Other Loyalists with the Number of Their Families at Guysborough, Nova Scotia: P . A. N. S . : - R.G. 1, VOL .359
View Record  PR 3991 A1 C26 1935 A literary enigma; The Canadian boat song: its authorship and associations McCurdy, Edward, 1871-
View Record  NSG 1983 Vol 1(1) Spring:20-21 A Loyalist Document - Return of Negros & Their Families Mustered in Annapolis County Between 28th May and 30th June 1784 Punch, Terrence M.
View Record  NSG 1992 Vol19(1) Spring:27-28 A Medical Vignette, Dr Frederick Morris Marble, Allan E.
View Record  VF/Loyalists - Nova Scotia A memorial to the E. Country Harbour-Stormont United Empire Loyalists Chisholm, Roy A.
View Record  BX 6495 .E24 1993 A model pastor : a biography of Rev. Frank Eaton Eaton, Keith
View Record  VF/Cemeteries - Halifax County A Monograph of St. Paul's Cemetery Mullane, George
View Record  BX 9882.8 M583 D3 2000 A Monument to faith : [St. John's United Church, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, 1838-2000] Dayton, Geraldine.
View Record  PS 8535 .A27 Z57 1990 A name for himself : a biography of Thomas Head Raddall Barkhouse, Joyce
View Record  NSG 2008 Vol 26(1) Spring:23 A New Book on Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada by Terrence M. Punch Punch, Terrence M.
View Record  CR 13 N49 1987 A New dictionary of heraldry Friar, Stephen
View Record  F 74 .L83 1970 A New England town: the first hundred years, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1636-1736 Lockridge, Kenneth A.
View Record  G 1831 .M5 1988 A new genealogical atlas of Ireland Mitchell, Brian
View Record  PE 3245 .P6 1988 A new, revised and expanded Nova Scotia dictionary: South shore phrase book Poteet, Lewis J.
View Record  VF/History - Cape Breton A notable ruin: Louisbourg McLennan, J.S.
View Record  NSG 2009 Vol 27(3) Fall:114-117 A Note on the Family of Robert Westcott of Warwick and North Kingstown, Rhode Island and Newport and Falmouth, Nova Scotia Owen, Brent
View Record  NSG 1987 Vol 5(3) Fall:147-148 A Nova Scotia Connection- MacCrimmon Family of Scotland Coleman, Ed
View Record  NSG 2005 Vol 23(1) Spring:13-16 A Paper on David Donkin Mills (1827-1913) of Cumberland Co. NS Mills, John Selwyn, Riverview, NB
View Record  FC 384.1 .L39 2003 A passion for survival: the true story of Marie Anne and Louis Payzant in eighteenth century Nova Scotia Layton, Linda G.
View Record  BV 3777 .S73 1972 A people highly favoured of God: the Nova Scotia Yankees and the American Revolution Stewart, Gordon and Rawlyk, George
View Record  NSG 2018 Vol 36(2) Summer:76-78 A Personal Reflection on the Gravestone Work of Heather Lawson Stone cutter and Carver Trask, Deborah
View Record  NA 5247 .M32 1984 A pictorial history of the Basilica of St. Mary's Halifax McAleer, J. Philip
View Record  CS 90 D29 1993 A planter Davison fivesome : Davidson/Davison families, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia Davison, James Doyle
View Record  FamHist/Davidson/Davison A planter Davison fivesome : Davidson/Davison families, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and Davison Genealogy Davison, James Doyle and Art Davison
View Record  VF/New England Settlement A Planting of New England Miner, John A.
View Record  CS 414 .M45 1987 A practical guide for the genealogist in England Mellen, Rachael
View Record  FC 2495 T3 P7 1978 A Profile of the Tantramar Marshes Bowser, Elaine, et. al, compilers
View Record  NK 9113.A3 N68 1985 A Record for Time Young, Deborah
View Record  FF/McKinnon (Ontario) A Scotch Moses : the life of Malcolm McKinnon, leader, pioneer, etc. McQuarrie, Bruce
View Record  NSG 2018 Vol 36(1) Spring:37-37 A Search for the Parents of Deborah Howard Wright
View Record  DA 755 S37 1909 A selection of Scottish forfeited estates papers, 1715; 1745 Millar, A. H. (Alexander Hastie), 1847-1927.
View Record  VF/History - Halifax City A Sense of Place : Granville Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia
View Record  BX 9882.8 .T69 1999 A sentinel on the street: St. Matthew's United Church, Halifax, 1749-1999 Townsend, Elizabeth and Laura B. Morgan, Judith Fingard and Graham Morgan
View Record  NSG 2006 Vol 24(2) Summer:64-66 A Separation Agreement - Dated March 22, 1750 Lomas Sally, Penetanquishene, Ont
View Record  VF/History - Ireland A Short History of Ireland Killeen, Richard
View Record  DA 760 .B88 1961 A short history of Scotland Hume Brown, P. and Meikle, Henry W.
View Record  VF/History -Lunenburg County A short history of the United Communities of Vogler's Cove, Cherry Hill and Broad Cove, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia Onslow, W.R.
View Record  VF/Religion - History A Simple Church Directory
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Records: 151 to 200 of 4397